Out with the dog

I’m under strict instructions not to rant on social media ! My wife doesn’t think it’s good for me. It leaves me grumpy and unsatisfied. She has a point and I’m trying to wean myself off it in favour of spending my time doing more positive and rewarding things like researching other photographers, writing articles, loving the dog and the wife a bit more and keeping warm.  It’s too bloody easy to embroil oneself in pointless circular arguments with other faceless users; it’s just that I can’t stand people who are bigoted, racist, hypocrites, religious zealots, stupid, or all of those things together wrapped up in one neat little nasty package and I feel these people should have their views challenged from time to time. Any road, the wife’s been at work today so me and the dog took a walk to the woods where I used to muck about as a kid. My Walton woods series continues. You can see more of this ongoing series on my website and I do hope you’ll take a look. I’m not trying to sell you anything either www.andyjgreaves.co.uk _DSC5727