Find the person worthy

I’ve had one of those emails. It goes like this;

Good afternoon!!!How are you today???
I view your profile and you to me steel interesting….
I would like to learn you as it is possible closer..
I have decided to write to you.. I can inform also that I the pleasant and good-looking girl with good sense of humour..
I like different a kind of sports, I like to float in pool..
I also send you the photo, Inform me as receive it, Okey..?
I want to find the person worthy, decent for warm attitudes…
With impatience I shall wait for your letter….

She’ll have to have a good sense of humour to get involved with me. I see she likes to “float in pool”. Interesting !

It’s been an interesting and memorable past three weeks. I’ve witnessed at first hand the power of shopping and just how resilient people can be when it comes to the act of shopping and the crap people can be persuaded that they need to make that perfect Christmas here in the UK.

It’s bloody strange times we’re living in isn’t it ?  The Internet has opened up whole new and immediate avenues for us to explore hasn’t it. Masses and masses of information instantly available to us. More photos are being taken now than at any time before. Truth in photography is as slippery and ambiguous as it’s ever been. It’s getting to the stage where we can’t trust information that is being presented to us. We’re getting to the stage where we don’t know what’s Fake News and what’s Real. The past is catching up and merging with the present and  the future like some giant tsunami. People would rather peer into their mobile phone screens than engage with the immediate world about them and people are not less anxious they’re more.
So what do we do ? How do we cope ? Somehow we have to hold on tightly to a sense of reality. Enjoy the here and now. Be kind and warm and sincere to those about us. Do not let ourselves be influenced by those who would wish to do us harm or us do harm on others.


Image Maker Image Taker

I collect images. I am a collector of images. When I have a camera in my hand I become a photographer. I see something in front of me, something catches my eye and I respond to it. Subconsciously I think that’s interesting and maybe I can make an image, and so I do so. Why I do this is probably not so easy to explain. Maybe it’s a simple desire to record and by doing so I’m trying to make sense of the world I’m living in. My time is now. Right now. The moment is here. It will never happen exactly like this ever again. By capturing the present I hope to be able to make sense of the past and in turn predict the future. The future becomes the present. The present becomes the past. We are constantly stuck in the present, a void between the past and the future.


Bill Poster – Sheffield

Someone else’s Art Work – Sheffield




MA Photography Notes

Susan Sontag – On Photography

Photography Fails for Five Reasons

  1. A photograph is both a piece of time and space. By including or excluding things its arbitrary borders both create and break relationships. The temporal and spatial dislocation results in social reality being presented as small discontinuous particles.
  2. A photograph only shows us the surface, so it has many meanings and encourages us to deduce or intuit what the reality was like.
  3. Photography can only give us knowledge of the world if we accept the world as we see it. But this is the opposite of understanding which starts from not accepting the world as it looks. Photographs have a use in giving us a mental picture of things but they always  hide more than they reveal.
  4. While photographs can arouse conscience this is only a semblance of ethical or political knowledge because it is always sentimental ( whether it is cynical or humanist )
  5. By duplicating the world in such a comprehensive way it has made the world seem more available that it really is.