It’s beginning to get colder


Dog in the middle

This is one of those shots I keep coming back to. It’s similar to one or two images I’ve posted on here recently. Those shots the distance between us. The what Barthes refers to as the ‘punctum’ is the dog of course, right in the centre of the image. I like dogs. I’ve got one of my own. I love him to bits and I photograph him a lot. Photograph the things you love. If you photograph the things you love, your love for that thing will shine out of your images. Likewise photograph the things you dislike or hate if that’s too strong a word to use.

I’m struggling to understand what’s good about the music of Ed Sheeran but then I am 55 so maybe that’s where I’m letting myself down somewhat. Let’s just say that being “in love with yer body” is no basis for a stable and lasting relationship. Currently on the Radio is Coldplay whose first album I used to enjoy even though as someone described, was it the man who discovered them ? it’s music for bed wetter’s. Their second album wasn’t bad either but even then there were ominous signs it you listen carefully that it was going down hill. Chris Martin was beginning to find a winning formula. That of writing instantly catchy tunes that include at some point the wah wah wooing while waving your arms in the air holding a light at some mass participation stadium concert, the bigger presumably the better. Music to wet your bed to from a long distance. U2’s current single is similarly cringe worthy dross, “You’re the best thing about me so why am I walking away?” Because you’ve started releasing shit songs Bono ! That along with the utterly dreadful SOS by the Corrs, a single the equivalence of wearing wet socks in bed never mind wetting it. If you like the above mentioned artists then I apologise unreservedly if your loyalty is offended. Music is such a personal issue anyway. Like photography really.


Catharsis – the process of releasing strong emotions through a particular activity or experience, such as writing or theatre, in a way that helps you understand those emotions.

I find photography a cathartic experience. There I’ve said it.

The image below I captured while drinking a lovely pint of Plum Porter brewed by the Titanic Brewery of Stoke on Trent. Granted there’s not much happening in this image but it gave me an idea for a photography project which would become an extension and if you like continuation of my English project work.  A search for national identity. In Post Brexit ( Brexit ! a horrible word) Britain there’s little excuse for a lack of photo projects. The social landscape is likely to be changing quite dramatically.

On the subject of Britain my friend Simon Roberts’ latest project and book ‘Merrie Albion’ looks interesting. Check it out.

Merrie Albion: Landscape Studies of a Small Island by Simon Roberts, published by Dewi Lewis and priced £45 will be launched at Paris Photo, and Roberts will sign copies of the book at 4pm on 10 November. Signed copies of the book can be pre-ordered for £37.50 plus P+P from Roberts’ website.

Prints from this project will be at the Flowers Gallery booth in the Grand Palais at Paris Photo, and Flowers will host a major exhibition of the work in its London gallery from 17 January 2018.

This blog post I’d also like to highlight the work of David Severn. I’ve provided a link in the photographers section. Of interest to me is his Whitby Goth weekend series being as we were in Whitby last week.



The Indecisive Decisive Moment

Here’s another one from yesterday’s trip into town. As street photographs go it’s not really doing much but in a way that’s why I like it. Ordinary people doing ordinary things. I like that the green shopping bag has ‘tea’ written on it while the lady is drinking a bottle of orange pop.  Henri Cartier-Bresson talks about the ‘Decisive Moment’ while Elliott Erwitt talks about the ‘Indecisive Moment’. I like to think some of my images sit somewhere in between the two.

On the High St there was a white Transit van parked up and this was in the front window. Not my idea of a visual joke but it takes all sorts doesn’t it.

Be More Dog

Photography, the making\taking  of images is for me, much of the time a cathartic experience. Catharsis means providing psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions. If you look closely at this image you can see a face with a long wispy nose ? Well I can.

I’ve been for a walk up on the wonderfully named Big Moor. I needed some fresh air and a big open space in which to allow me some free thinking. I find thinking difficult. My best thoughts, my most creative thoughts are in the middle of the night or while out walking when I’m surprisingly free of thinking. By allowing my mind to wander aimlessly I’m at my thinking best. The wind was blowing. Autumn is battling it out with summer. Autumn will win. Off in the distance I could hear the deep throated roar of a Stag staking his claim to his Hinds, readying himself to fight to the death if necessary his self proclaimed right to procreate.

My dog talks to me. Metaphorically of course. “You think too much” he tells me, “live in the moment like me, yesterday’s gone, what’s tomorrow, tomorrow will take care of itself ? live in the moment like me ! be more dog!”.

Death is inevitable, sure as eggs is eggs. Be more dog.

be more dog

Trying harder

Someone’s been working hard. There’s a ‘dynamic list’ of street photographers on Wikipedia.

Here’s a Link I’m not on it. If I were I’d be sat between Ken Grant and Sid Grossman, one living and one dead. I’m not in the List of 50 Greatest Street Photographers either on website. I really must try harder.

In the meantime here’s a photo I took in Brasil of a bloke pissing up against a wall.