Breugel Town Review


I’m happy to report that my self published book Breugel Town has been reviewed in latest issue of Flip magazine the group of which I am a member and not a bad review it is too. I’ve provided a link for those of you wishing to investigate further.

About the Magazine

fLIP is published three times per year and each issue has an overarching theme. Our primary aim is to showcase work from our membership of over 500 photographers, and to engage readers in a wider dialogue concerning diverse approaches to photography. The magazine is funded by member subscription fees and contains no advertising. fLIP offers a truly independent voice for photographic practice in London!

Walking away in silence


Somewhere in my postcard collection I have a photograph similar to this one. A couple are sat at a table in a cafe but only the face of the female we can see. She is smiling and it’s clear that the man with his back to us, the viewer, is amusing. His company is being enjoyed.  It’s a photo that’s intrigued me for many years. I want to know what the man looks like. I can only imagine.
This image I’ve had for a while now. I’ve felt guilty for taking it. I feel like I’ve intruded on a personal moment. There’s intimacy and shared knowledge between these two. The young lady looks anguished, concerned, sad? There cannot be a human being who does not identify with this look, this emotion. Perhaps  that is why I snatched the image. Something about this touched my inner self. I saw myself in both him and her. I took the photo, there on Westminster Bridge, and as I look more closely I see two people across the road who look like man and woman walking away from each other. Don’t walk away in silence. Touch the void between you. Feel it, sense it. I took the image and walked away quickly perhaps with past sadness’ beginning to rise up in my soul from where I had buried them. It’s not you, it’s me !

Looking for Clues


Apparently there’s craze sweeping America at the moment, which I suppose it was inevitable has found its way over here. That of ‘creepy clown’, people dressing up as clowns and frightening the shit out of people young and old. Apart from anything else it’s giving genuine clowns in the clown industry a bad name. People who’ve spent their lives perfecting the art of being a clown for genuine clown reasons are now being undermined by others who think all they’ve got to do is go to a fancy dress shop, buy a clowns outfit and run around their local park, shopping mall, school playground erm being a clown frightening the bejesus out of people with a clown aversion.

I asked a work colleague of mine the other day who this Kim Kardashian was ? I keep hearing her name mentioned. Is she married to that creepy clown Donald Trump ?  Apparently she’s a reality TV star with a large bottom which may be due to surgical or cosmetic enhancement. One supposes if that’s the case it was to make her more attractive to the opposite sex my colleague suggested. “What” I said “like a Baboon ?”.

I’m beginning to think I’m living in some kind of parallel universe. Either that or the world is going slowly mad. We’re beginning to eat ourselves, metaphorically that is. That there’s something in the water or the food we eat that’s making us lose a sense of what reality should be. I mean why would you walk around wearing a t-shirt with ‘Not Dead Yet’ written across it ?

I often think that much of my photography is about trying to make sense of this crazy world we’re living in. It’s not about making pretty images of wild daffodils on hillsides  or the ‘decisive moment’. That as a practising street photographer I’m like a detective at the scene of the crime, looking for clues. Bits of information which will somehow become the sum of a much bigger part