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I collect images. I am a collector of images. When I have a camera in my hand I become a photographer. I see something in front of me, something catches my eye and I respond to it. Subconsciously I think that’s interesting and maybe I can make an image, and so I do so. Why I do this is probably not so easy to explain. Maybe it’s a simple desire to record and by doing so I’m trying to make sense of the world I’m living in. My time is now. Right now. The moment is here. It will never happen exactly like this ever again. By capturing the present I hope to be able to make sense of the past and in turn predict the future. The future becomes the present. The present becomes the past. We are constantly stuck in the present, a void between the past and the future.


Bill Poster – Sheffield

Someone else’s Art Work – Sheffield


Another man’s Blog

Thou shalt not covert another man’s blog !

To be honest I don’t spend a lot of time reading other people’s Blogs. I simply don’t have time.  Aware of this I try and keep my own Blog entries short and sweet which probably explains why I worry it’s sometimes short on detail. A bit soundbite ! I don’t dedicate as much time to it as I should. I’m getting on a bit and I’m a bit weary. I don’t have that youthful energy. I’m too busy earning money to keep afloat to try and forge a living as a street photographer and frankly I don’t think I produce the kind of work that sells or there is a market for. Besides when you start trying to make money from the thing you love the magic can quickly dissipate.

I’m going to break the habit of a lifetime and tell you about a Blog I’ve been looking at for a few weeks now. That of Eric Kim. Here’s a street photographer who according to his Blog has managed to make a good living from his passion and if he is to be believed has worked extremely hard and all credit to him. He’s an excellent photographer and a good Blog writer. Generous with his knowledge and informative of other photographers. He thinks a lot about his work and the work of others and is constantly learning which is evident in how his work has developed over the last few years. As he’s admitted his street photography is very different to how it was when he started. Check out his Site but please don’t abandon me.

Every dog Has its Day – Get your coat you’ve pulled


My dog’s Twitter Followers is climbing daily now standing at 278 Followers while I’m languishing at a paltry 58. Some dude keeps following me and then unfollowing me which is most disconcerting. The fact remains my dog is far more interesting and uncontroversial than me. This Election we’ve been having here in the UK has seen me hardly off Twitter and Facebook. It’s been compulsive viewing.

Through Twitter I’ve been able to connect with photography a lot more. There’s a lot going on out there and quite a few Blogs and Websites have come to my attention I was not previously aware of. One such is Street Hunters which came to my attention simply by posting an article of Spyros ( that’s the bloke whose site it is ) Ultimate List of Street Photography Collectives. Check out the Site  at There’s the usual helpful advice of Street Photography Tips including Ten Reasons to Quit Street Photography which might be useful if you want to take up something else instead like cake baking or welding. In the meantime here’s some work I did years ago on transparency. If you want to know what transparency film is, ask your Dad.