From Where I’m Standing

There was a time when I was going to rename this Blog ‘From Where I’m Standing’ and incorporate my political opinions and musings of the world from my position of from where I’m standing, do you get what I mean ? I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve wanted to come on here, get on my soapbox and blather wildly about what’s going on in the world. That idiot Donald Trump, the futility of self perpetuating capitalism, the political situation here in the UK and our inept and politicians, the corrupt and manipulative who  spoon feed crap to a willing population.
I’m sure you don’t want to hear my rantings but I can’t tell you how tempting it is to use this platform. What I will tell you is that my approach to street photography is fuelled by my belief that a knowledge of what’s going on in the world is essential to making the images I do.



This is a view of Chesterfield’s world famous Crooked Spire which has not been seen for decades.

Having lived  in the town all my life I think I’m qualified to say that this Spire is ingrained in our identity as Chesterfield folk. As we travel around the town we effectively revolve around it. It’s part of our psyche. Business’ and organisations fall over themselves to have a name with as closer proximity or derivation of the word ‘Spire’ as possible, Aspire being one of them. I’ll call this Blog Aspiration ! Geddit ? It’s good to aspire, to have aspirations.

Instagram – Ones to watch

My Instagram following is up and down like a tart’s knickers. I seem to gain a load and then lose a few but on the whole I think it’s steadily increasing. I’ve been informed that there are 600 million Instagrammers out there so I thought is was high time I got me a crumb from this particular pie. It’s fun and I’ve nothing to lose. I continue to discover some amazing photographers out there whose aim is to document their surroundings and those that share it. I’ve had brief conversation with people all over the world whose passion for the subject is as strong as mine. For my sake I’m glad most of them speak English but if they don’t we can communicate through our images.

Where possible I’ve listed their names and Instagram id. Otherwise just their id. The first six are particular favourites. Check em out !

  • Andrew Johnston – andrewj.98
  • Sam Wainwright – sam_wainwrightuk
  • Liam Money – sadbreh
  • Carl Anthony Bull – lords_of_the_earth
  • bobbybeasleys – bobbybeasleys
  • Luke Saxon – luke_saxon
  • jpappers
  • daganth
  • Alexander Timofeev
  • Chris Donahue – chrishundo
  • David Fidalgo – bricksstreetphoto
  • absnapper
  • Kai Naito – kainaito
  • mattik36
  • Belfast street – belfaststreet
  • Tanya Nekrasova – nekrasovastreetphoto
  • SM Kakon – sm_kakon
  • Craig Easton – mrcraigeaston
  • Richard Mills – mrrichardmills
  • richard_knapp
  • Bobby Bosston – 88.shotz
  • Dan Kazimierska – Dan Kazimierska
  • Chris Duesing – chrisduesingphoto
  • Mark Hallum – makusan_hallum
  • Luke Saxon – luke_saxon
  • peter_nijsen
  • Jonny – jmpsharp
  • Shiva Traanman – s.traanman
  • manualdos
  • Richard Barnard – ftwentytwo

and don’t forget me either !!