I’ve fallen in love with my wife.


My email account on my Windows Phone started working again after about a week. I’ve no idea why it started working again any more than I know why it stopped working in the first place. I deleted the account in Settings several times and double checked the what do you call its more than once. It occurred to me that the  Chinese blackmail man might have got into it and buggered about with it but that seemed a bit far fetched. Numerous searches on the Internet  of Windows Mobile phone forums failed to find a solution either. I find those things as much use as chocolate teapots. A radical and drastic  resolution was to factory reset the phone so I prepared of that eventuality by manually writing down all the phone numbers I would certainly lose. I also spent some considerable time deleting archive crap from my email account on my laptop. I’d like to think it was these two actions that brought about it’s rise phoenix like from the ashes. I like my Windows phone, my Lumia 535 but I’m not convinced Microsoft devote as mush time to them these days as they should.  Just because they’ve lost the competition to Android phones, Samsung etc doesn’t mean they’ve got to give up the ghost on the rest of us who don’t want to shell out thousands of pounds for a new phone every ten minutes.


British photographer Paul Reas has just published a 30 year retrospective of his work which you can read about here Fables of Faubus 

Here’s a classic image by Tony Ray-Jones: Brighton Beach 1966


The Luckiest Guy Alive John Cooper-Clarke’s second book of Poetry arrived today and it’s already a classic. JCC is now sufficiently well known for him to be applauded by pop Artist Peter Blake to have designed the cover and very nice it is too. There’s some crackin poems in there, some I’ve heard and some I haven’t. I’m gonna try and memorize the brilliant ‘I’ve Fallen in Love with my Wife’ in time for Valentine’s Day next February.


Radio Clash London Calling

A great t-shirt of a great band and a great album. This street portrait is destined to be one of my favourite.

Delighted this week to receive a signed copy of England Uncensored by photographer, writer, tv presenter and filmmaker Peter Dench. It’s a wonderful no holds barred ( I think that’s a wrestling reference ?) trip around the English and their national identity. Check it out by following the link below.

Now I feel the need to offer a suitable gift to Peter and I’m working on it.

England Uncensored – Peter Dench 

Meanwhile here’s another from the Trump demo in Sheffield last Friday which went down rather well on Instagram.

Where Photography and Poetry Meet – A Discussion

A couple of weeks ago the Poetry Blog Voices of a Hidden Self invited me to discuss my photography and the similarities and differences between poetry and photography. It was a wonderful and enlightening discussion and I invite you to read it.

You can view the discussion here:Voices of a Hidden Self

You can also buy some of this amazing poetry at these links:





I was helping out a neighbour yesterday. He mentioned he’d not looked at my website lately. “That’s alright” I told him, “I’m updating it at the moment, it’s been about a year since I updated it so it’s about time there was a change”. There was a pregnant pause. I felt the need to elaborate, to fill in the void as it were, “I think you’ll find the stuff is a bit more edgy this time around”. “oh” he said, “is that a term often used in the art world?”

As I’m constantly looking back at my images ( and editing them ) I’ve just realised I’ve got two images of men with facial bandages.

The Dog’s Tail

I’ve noticed some of my blog posts now come with adverts. I don’t endorse any of these products but I’m guessing it’s the price I’m paying for this free blog writing facility here on WordPress ? Such is life. I’m also guessing that my blog is now sufficiently popular at 602 subscribers to warrant such advert attention. I’m flattered kind of.

That’s not me in the image above by the way. This bloke was capturing the sea so I took the opportunity myself. He didn’t mind although I’m not sure he fully understood my approach. He had a standard digital camera with a neutral density graduated filter on. Not my approach but hey it’s a broad church this photography lark. I very often find photographers a bit reticent to talk, engage in conversation. They can be a bizarre bunch can photographers.

the wife with her own camera and a straight horizon

My main problem with shooting seascapes is getting the horizon dead straight. I know you can straighten in the edit but for me the challenge is to get it right in the camera and negate the need for cropping. If it isn’t straight it tends to get deleted. The Fuji X Pro with the standard lens I find is easier than the Nikon D300 with zoom lens I find but it still takes practice and concentration.

The wife has discovered the joys of mobile phone photography while on our holidays. We were sat in the caravan listening to the rain and looking at her images from that day and doing some impromptu editing although she didn’t realise it. Two very similar images of the dog on the beach and it came down to the angle of the dog’s tail. Whether the one with the tail pointing up was better than the one with it pointing down. Yes it was that finite ! In my opinion the one with the tail angled upwards was the better, she turns to me and says “is this what you spend hours upstairs doing on your computer?”. I think she’d finally arrived at a point of understanding with my images.


Just Being

We’re back off our holidays. We’ve had a great time. Celebrating ‘just being’ because believe you me I don’t take holidays for granted and in these troubled times I don’t take being alive for granted either. Sometimes we need to just stop and live in the moment. If that’s one thing my dog teaches me, it’s to live in the moment. I like nothing more than to walk the beach, camera in hand, watching, listening, looking. Listening to the waves. Feeling the wind on my face. Looking at the play of light, the colours of the clouds, the brilliant white of the waves. Just being!

Stay tuned for some holiday inspired photo work.