JD Sports McDonalds Primark


What ya taking photoraphs for ?

I stopped to make an image of a Vape shop window. I don’t think these shops will be around in about ten years time. There was a young man in the window on his mobile phone. I made an image and he put his thumb up and made a daft face. I tried to get him to just act normally so he came out the shop, stood in the doorway. The conversation went something like this;

Him: What ya taking photographs for ?

Me: For me

Him: Yeah but what for ?

Me: For me ?

Him: Just for you ?

Me: Yes

He looked at me, shrugged his face as if to say ‘weirdo’ and walked back in side. He was in a Vape shop filling his mouth and lungs with sundry chemical and he looked at me like I was a weirdo !

Later on I was talking to Chesterfield’s Big Issue seller and these group of blokes walked by. My Big Issue seller friend knows lots of people and he knew these blokes. They were all drinking from cans of GetPissedQuick Lager. One of them looks at me, he had earrings and facial tattoos and to be honest he was a bit ugly. In fact very ugly. Pallid with a square face. Aggressive looking and stupid. The conversation went something like this;

Him: What ya carrying a camera for ?

Me: To take photographs ! ( Pause ) Why else would I be carrying a camera ?

He looked at me a bit threatening like and I briefly though ‘here we go’

Him: Well I don’t know, you might be a pervert or something ?


Life in a Minion

Night Shift 

It’s been a weird week. Last Saturday night I did an overnight shift for a local Company I’m signed up with at a food factory south of Birmingham. I don’t even know where it is exactly except it’s in the middle of nowhere and as we arrived in the dark and left at 3.00 am in the dark I really don’t have a clue. It took me until Tuesday to recover properly from the sleep deprivation which was an improvement on last time which might have something to do with the fact that this time I hadn’t slotted down two Scotch eggs at four in the morning ! Night shifts play havoc with your internal workings when you’re not used to it. The food factory was interesting in so far as I heard about one English accent out of all the staff who were busy there. All the rest were Eastern European, Polish, Latvian, Bulgarian that sort of thing. Doesn’t bother me but it does beg the question what will happen when and if we finally do leave the European Union ? Will these people have to leave and who will replace them ? If they are replaced where will they come from and how much will it cost to bus them in ? Will that cost push up the prices of the product coming out of the factory ?

Copyright Issue 

So there I was sat watching BBC Look North and there’s a feature on a young man whose written and produced his own pop single, put it to video and uploaded it to You Tube. Nothing unusual about that except within the video is one of my images that he’s found on Google. Imagine my surprise ? So I emails this chap and you’ll be pleased to know the matter has been resolved satisfactorily. I have granted him One Time Use of the image on the understanding he does not share the image with anyone else and all enquiries regarding it are directed to me. What many people do not realise of course is that Google is a Search Engine and that’s all it is. Copyright of this image and all my images is mine.

Job Interview 

Thursday I go for a Job Interview and now I’ve got a new job. At my age If I can’t handle myself well at a job interview it’s a poor show but there’s always that nagging doubt that I’m going to come face to face in the interview process with someone who I’ve either worked with before who thought I was a complete idiot, someone whom I’ve crossed swords with in my long past or just someone who thinks I’m a proper twat ! Or all three of those things. This town is a small town and when you’ve lived in it as long as I have these things can be a proper worry. Fortunately I think I’m known by more good and well meaning people than not but nevertheless.

Radio Guest 

One of those people from my past has invited me as a guest on his Hospital Radio show. I’m no Ivan Brackenbury but it should be fun. More details to follow. Stay tuned !




Overheard Street Conversations

Overheard Street conversations #2


Young woman on mobile phone –

“well what goes around comes around definitely. It’s like wi Denise’s dad and what he did to me, he got his come uppance, he died !”

Street Photographers 

Ok folks here some UK Street Photographers to check out: Gisela Szlatoszlavek, Craig Philip Szlatoszlavek, Fabrizio Oppes, Josh Edgoose, Steve Ullathorne.