Photographs that inspire me – A Series

Henri Cartier-Bresson


A Traditional English Pastime

Filey Bay – East Coast of England

Every silver lining has a cloud in front of it. I’ve given up bothering with the Top 75 Blogs in the World Badge posting it onto my Blog front page thing I was awarded the other day. It’s technically beyond my capabilities. This can be the frustrating thing about utilising the internet to show your work digitally. There’s far more digitally savvy blogs and websites out there on the net than this one but my mantra at my age is to keep it simple or if you want an acronym ‘kiss’ …. ‘ keep it simple stupid’. I mean I’ve still not got my head around such things as ‘trakbaks’ or ‘pingbaks’ and other such jiggery pokery. I think I’ve just about managed widgets which I initially thought were little nitrogen gas things that were put in the bottom of cans of beer to give putrid keg  beer that just pumped out the barrel flavour and texture. Horrible, ghastly stuff it was too.
I’m guessing by the number of followers this blog has gained since I started it that my Photographs that Inspire me Series has been quite popular and well received. I’ll continue it for as long as I can but I can’t hang on to the shirt tails of the Masters for ever and so I’m duty bound to post some of my own stuff.

Here  is one from my recent holiday to the East Coast of England. It’s grand to see that despite today’s modern life that the building of sandcastles and sculptures while Grandparents and Parents look on still exists. This one surely would not look out of place at one of the world’s top racing circuits ?

Recently one of my work colleagues was described as a ‘common Northerner’ by an irate lady he was trying to placate. I had to laugh. You can’t take an insult like that seriously. It has to be treated with the mirth it deserves but if has got me thinking of a possible long term photo project. Stay tuned. I do hope you enjoy this blog.

Basking in the Glory for now


Firstly a warm welcome to the 600th Follower of this Blog. It feels like a milestone reached although amassing followers is not my primary aim for keeping this Blog going. Believe it or not I do it for the pleasure ( and pain ) and challenge. There is no financial gain here.

Another achievement this week is an email from an admirer. This Blog it seems has been selected to be in the top 75 Street photography blogs in the world. I owe this success to you the followers and I thank you for your continued support.

Anuj has sent me the code for a badge of honour which I’m entitled to proudly display on this blog which I will do just as soon as I can work out how and where to put it. If you’re reading this Anuj then I’d welcome some guidance please ?

I shall of course be looking at all the other street photography blogs in the link, not to check out the competition but to continue learning from others.

Hi Andy, 

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