Make Art not War !


I’ve managed to get out with the camera today.  A little place out of town has had its Annual Armed Forces Day. I took the dog. It’s like a summer fete but here with the emphasis on celebrating our Armed Forces. I thought I might get a “Make Love Not War – See driver for Details” car sticker but not a chance of it. I went a couple of years back so I pretty much knew the kind of shots I was going to get and was looking for. Still I’m always open for the unexpected and basically whatever catches my eye. In my notebook list of things to look out for I have t-shirts. I’m drawn to the odd t-shirts that people wear and slowly building up a bit of a collection of t-shirt photos. I asked this young lady and her parents If I could take a picture, stressing I wanted the t-shirt and not the girl’s face. I wanted to protect her identity. I wanted a generic t-shirt shot but I love the way the girl’s smile is repeated in the curve of the writing “I’ve got” and the top line of the square. Yeah I’m rather pleased with this image.

One from the Archive

That Flickr feed on this Blog ? Those images. They’re not mine. Either someone has infiltrated my Flickr account or as I said previously it’s got it’s knickers in a twist. I guess I’ll have to delete the link from here and input it again or go on to Flickr and do it that way. Sometimes I wish they were my images but then others I’m glad they’re not. Don’t get me wrong they’re very nice images, the sort you can print and put on your wall. They don’t challenge anything and they don’t compromise anything. They’re nice !

In the meantime here’s one from the Archives


Saturday Karma

It looks like my Flickr Feed has got its knickers in a twist. I’m not given to photograph Gorillas in zoos or flowery landscapes. It’s just not my bag. I’m not going to waste my time trying to get to the bottom of the anomaly either. There’s friends to visit, hands to shake, beer to be drunk, gossip to be gossiped.

In the meantime here’s a recent seascape from my much needed break at one of our favourite coastal destinations. Me, the wife and dog. I’ve just being listening to Radiohead’s 2017 Glastonbury performance of Karma Police and tears started rolling down my cheeks. I never thought that would happen ? This image seems somehow appropriate ………”Phew for a minute I lost myself”


Three British Photographers You May Never Have heard of

Over the next few months I’m going to strive to bring you some photographers you may never have heard of. I’m going to start with three British photographers who are particular favourites of mine with no apologies for the black and white examples shown here. I’m not going to give you a biography of each one because a) I’m lazy like that and b) there’s plenty of information on the Web for you to research yourselves. Homer Sykes and Ian Beesley have recently had work published with the wonderful Café Royal Books while Vanley Burke can be found on his own website. Enjoy !

Homer Sykes

Ian Beesley

Vanley Burke