You ! Pack it in !

I had a lovely time last Friday evening at the Anti Trump demonstration in Sheffield and briefly met some lovely people. There was a turn out of about, it was estimated 2,000 people and a very small counter demonstration of about 7. A counter demonstration always adds a bit of frisson to these things. I remember one time years ago a mate and I came across a pro Shah of Iran demonstration in London accompanied by a sizeable and vociferous counter demonstration. That was interesting !

The bloke in the Trump mask wouldn’t stay still long enough for me to get a decent image which was a shame. In the interests of impartiality I felt it was important to document this aspect. It’s important to document these things.

Let’s be honest though no amount of demonstrating would make much difference to Donald. He thrives on it. He’s immune to it. I’m beginning to find him quite funny in a surreal way rather than a Stan and Ollie way. He swaggers into town in his boring blue suit, squinting his eyes into the daylight and pouting his lips, rattles a few diplomatic cages and swaggers out again leaving someone to shovel up his shit like someone walking behind a horse with a bucket and spade. Nobody knows what he’s going to say from one moment to the next and frankly neither does he. It’s all a lot bizarre and somewhat parallel universe. It’s like some character has stepped out of a weird Hollywood b-movie and is now running America. As I write this he’s upset Senior Republicans and the FBI. Surely not ? Very often we get what we deserve.

We have a similar character here in England. His name’s Boris Johnson who rumour has it is vying to be the next Prime Minister. Very often we get what we deserve but the English don’t like extremists of any creed be it political or religious. Many intellectuals believe and have documented that the English are “conservative with a small c “. It’s probably true, unfortunately.


The man the vest the legend

I’ve seen this chap a few times knocking around town. He kinda sees me, I look at him and he looks back and chunters a few things which I can’t quite hear. I’ve no intention of irritating him by constantly trying to take his photo, what would be the point. On this occasion though he lifted his t-shirt to hide  himself and I thought what a great photo it would make and so it did ? I love how his belly pokes out from underneath

Home is where the heart is

It’s a big day here in England. Kick off at 3.00pm. England V Sweden with a Semi Final place to play for. The English have always liked mucking about which explains why and how we gave football to the world. Many of my brethren think “it’s coming home”? We’ll find out later today won’t we.

This gentleman kindly allowed me to make an image of him wearing his World Cup Campaign 2006 shirt.

Jaws the T-shirt !

I can remember when Jaws came out. The book was a best seller. Not sure why, it was pretty crap. The public queued right around the corner to get into the cinema. The film was being shown constantly to cope with the madness. There’s one scene where a bloke’s head appears from a submerged boat that old jaws has practically bitten in two and everyone in the cinema jumped out their skin. The book has a bit of sex in it which didn’t appear in the film. This gentleman kindly allowed me to make an image of him wearing his Jaws t-shirt which he’d found in a Charity shop sale for 50 pence, a bloody bargain ! It’s retro you see. We got onto the subject of his tattoos. There’s the one of Frankenstein and it you look closely you can see one of Christopher Lee as Dracula just poking out from the arm of his t-shirt.

Do it yourself dexterity

I had one of those emails three days ago from a Weidman Dillavou <>. I’ve copied it below for your entertainment. Anyone who begins their emails to me with the greeting “Howdy” has got to be a bit dodgy although to give him credit he did apologise for his “language sentence structuring” as he’s from the Philippines, bless him !  Apparently as you can see he’s ( I assume it’s a he )  toxified my system with a malware whatever one of those is and he’s in possession of my private data. Worse still he’s recorded me bashing one out to some adult porn site and if I don’t send him some euros disguised as bit coins then he’s gonna forward a recording of me having a Jodrell, a Sherman Tank, a  Barclays , a wank, whatever you like to call it ?  to all my “buddies”. Won’t they de delighted ? Hey look it’s Andy thrapping one out to, oh my what is that ? eugghhhhhh Andy ! How could you ?  </>

I replied to Weidman from the Philippines and basically told him to ‘fuck off’. I mean what kind of a bit coin address is that anyway ? It looks like he suddenly collapsed in spasm on the keyboard or something. I told the Mrs about the email, “haven’t they got anything better to do?” she asked me.

Anyway my friends, especially my young friends, please don’t ever allow anyone to blackmail you over the internet even if you have in the unlikely event been flying solo to some triple x website or whatever without first covering over your webcam device etc. If they send the film to your buddies then so what ? Big bloody deal. They’ll have a laugh and then move on to something else. The embarrassment will last ten minutes I assure you. Don’t give a shit !


Hope you will not care about my language sentence structure, considering that i\’m from Philippines. I toxified your system with a malware and im in possession of your private data out of your os.

It previously was installed on an adult website after which you\’ve picked the online video, it, my application immediately got into your os.

Then, your web-camera started to record you soloing, in addition i documented a video that you\’ve seen.

Soon after a while this also pulled out all your device contacts. If you ever would like me to clear off your all that i have – send me 370 euros in bitcoin its a crypto-currency. It\’s my btc wallet address : 15v2ih6Trb31d9rv7FuRzVTWzqFrZuL8cE

At this point you have 21hr s. to make up your mind Immediately after i will get the deal i\’m going wipe out this video and every thing completely. Otherwise, you should be certain that your video would be sent to all of your buddies.

Les ! Is it me you’re looking for ?

I homed in on this man’s t-shirt. His name is Les and he’s from nearby Matlock he told me or as I tend to call it “fuckin Matlock”. That’s what my mates and I call it anyway. It comes from this one time when they asked a bloke where he was from and he replied “fuckin Matlock” so it stuck and now it’s always “fuckin Matlock”. I told Les this story and he laughed, he didn’t mind at all. He told me he’d got several interesting t-shirts, one with Indians on the front. I assume that’s North American Red Indians rather than Indians from the Asian sub continent.  I like Les’ shoulder bag, I want one, i