I am a DJ I am what I play !

A few weeks ago an old friend of mine invited me on to his Hospital Radio show to talk about photography and my selection of music for his Seven Decades of Heaven slot. I took the opportunity to take along my camera, well why not ? and get some shots while Darrell did his thing. He’s an excellent DJ, knows when to talk and when to shut up which is more can be said for some of our nationally known DJ’s. A photography mate of mine once said to me that he believed any professional photographer should be able to come out of any situation with a decent set of images. On that maxim ( and I agree ) I approached this situation. It was a small studio with no natural lighting. Not only do I believe I should come out of any situation with a decent set of images but that you have to work with the space an all it’s clutter and paraphernalia. Not a bad job me thinks.

For those of you interested in my Seven Decades of Heaven playlist:

1950’s – Hounddog – Big Mama Thornton

1960’s – A Day in the Life – The Beatles

1970’s – Strange Town – The Jam

1980’s – Appetite – Prefab Sprout

1990’s – On Every Street – Dire Straits

2000’s – Hometown Glory – Adele

2010’s – Mirrorball – Elbow


Morris Engel

Morris Engel

Morris Engel

Morris Engel

Morris Engel :1918 – 2005

Engel is best known for his film work, Worked with Paul Strand in 1939. As a still photographer trained in the disciplines of The Photo League and trod the streets of New York. Contributed images to the newspaper PM and for a wide range of American magazines. In film work he won the Silver Lion at the 1953 Venice Film Festival and same year had an Academy Award Nomination. You can see more of his work here Morris Engel