Conusme Less !

The Environment – Consume Less 

I think we can safely say (if you’ll pardon the term) that the world is dying and eventually as scientists and other clever people have predicted we will become extinct, be sucked into a black hole or by hit by a meteorite that nobody saw coming. Hopefully it won’t be anytime soon, certainly not before next Tuesday but what do I know. What seems to be happening right now despite what idiot boy Trump says ( frankly he’ll say anything ) is climate change ! The ice caps are melting, there’s global warming and all sorts of weird and not so wonderful things are happening in the animal kingdom. As we’re pretty much at the top of the food chain then we’re looking down on all this and us ordinary folk seem powerless to do owt about it on a daily basis. What can we do ? Simple ! We can all CONSUME LESS ! Do we really need to throw out that item of clothing in favour of the latest fashion ? Do we need that bottle of perfume ? If I put on an extra sweater can I them turn the heating down ? Do I really need to have that light on ?  Do we need to waste money on Christmas crap that will get thrown out on boxing day ? etc etc. What do I really need in my life ? There’s a huge difference between need and want is there not ?
We can protest to Manufacturers to stop this and stop that but all they’ll say is that they’re just responding to demand and it is us who create that demand by our never ending consumption. The answer therefore is that each and every one of us can make a difference by consuming less. Let’s be honest it’s a brave and intrepid person who can live ‘off grid’ in a wood in an eco friendly style but for the rest of us we’re hopelessly hooked into this capitalist consumption merry go round which we can’t get off. Whether we like it or not we are part of the system and a massive part of the problem. Each and everyone of us can make a difference by simply consuming less and reducing the demand. It’s the only way that manufactures and governments will react because they react to demand and only when there’s a demand which will threaten their own fragile status’. Consume Less 


Riders on the Stormy !


It’ll be interesting to see how Trump wangles his way out of this one. I’m betting he’ll manage it somehow by brandishing everyone a liar except himself. Stormy Daniels feels vindicated and no doubt richer but how she managed, despite being   a porn star, to allow him and his sweaty arse to squirm all over her is beyond belief. Makes me nauseous just trying not to think about it. Like my dad used to say “I’d rather sleep wi her with her clothes on than thee wi nowt on”.

Here in the UK if Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-Semitic, my cock’s a kipper ? He might be critical of Israel and it’s policies, especially towards the Palestinians but that ain’t the same as being anti-Semitic. No scrap of evidence has yet been produced to support the claims by these rich Tory backers who are frightened shitless of Corbyn getting into No 10.  That’s the trouble with fake news ? It’s fake and ultimately those who perpetuate it shoot themselves in the foot because everybody will believe nothing, which can’t be right. The Anarchists must be rubbing their hands with glee.

I’m thinking of discontinuing my Website. I can save my self £40 a year and instead devoting myself to this Blog and my Instagram feed which is gathering followers slowly but surely. The website’s rate of return is negligible and I’m beginning to find it unwieldy. For instance it’s not easy to size up portrait images despite it supposedly being easy and the explanation of how to do it is not easy to understand. The support is ok but could be better.

I’ve just been into town and a meeting with two other young creatives about starting up a local lo-fi zine. If it gets off the ground it should be interesting. Watch this space for more info.

A time for Quiche

A quick scan of my feed pages for my delight  here on my laptop and there’s ‘The moment a lioness snatches a photographers camera’, ‘The 50 best cars you can buy for under £50,000′, ’16 of the most eligible royal from around the world’, ‘vegetarian meal you can pop in the freezer for ultimate convenience’ and so it goes on and on and on ! Here in the UK News  ‘Rees-Mogg denounces Tory show trial of Boris Johnson’. Our Foreign Secretary Boris  has been at it again with his comments about burka wearing women looking like letterboxes or bank robbers. The man’s a buffoon. With his privileged back ground and education, frankly we ought to expect much more by way of intelligent debate from him especially as he’s supposed to represent this country overseas. On the contrary the man reduces himself to the kind of comments we might hear in a school playground from ten year olds. Personally I find this burka/ niqab wearing thing makes them look ridiculous and to be honest I find it a bit intimidating but that’s my problem not there’s. If they want to wear pink rabbit suits in the name of religion or anything else then I don’t care as long as they don’t start telling me what I can and can’t do in public, like taking photographs for instance. As someone pointed out I’ve had more damage done to me by men wearing suits than women looking like black crows. Take the suit wearing man in the Trump mask in the image below. He’s been filmed storming a left wing book shop ( sure it’s him, same suit and tie ) with his mates shouting abuse, ripping books off the shelves and accusing the assistants of being paedophiles ! Maybe Boris should think about men in Trump masks ? But no ! Boris’ own personal agenda is about keeping Boris in the news and that’s all it’s about. Meanwhile everyone around him is left to pick up the  pieces of his pithy playground nonsense.  Someone said not long ago that working for him was like running behind a horse constantly shovelling it’s shit up. The problem for us in this country is that this is what politics has been reduced to. Idiot politicians taking centre stage and we’ve let em !

You ! Pack it in !

I had a lovely time last Friday evening at the Anti Trump demonstration in Sheffield and briefly met some lovely people. There was a turn out of about, it was estimated 2,000 people and a very small counter demonstration of about 7. A counter demonstration always adds a bit of frisson to these things. I remember one time years ago a mate and I came across a pro Shah of Iran demonstration in London accompanied by a sizeable and vociferous counter demonstration. That was interesting !

The bloke in the Trump mask wouldn’t stay still long enough for me to get a decent image which was a shame. In the interests of impartiality I felt it was important to document this aspect. It’s important to document these things.

Let’s be honest though no amount of demonstrating would make much difference to Donald. He thrives on it. He’s immune to it. I’m beginning to find him quite funny in a surreal way rather than a Stan and Ollie way. He swaggers into town in his boring blue suit, squinting his eyes into the daylight and pouting his lips, rattles a few diplomatic cages and swaggers out again leaving someone to shovel up his shit like someone walking behind a horse with a bucket and spade. Nobody knows what he’s going to say from one moment to the next and frankly neither does he. It’s all a lot bizarre and somewhat parallel universe. It’s like some character has stepped out of a weird Hollywood b-movie and is now running America. As I write this he’s upset Senior Republicans and the FBI. Surely not ? Very often we get what we deserve.

We have a similar character here in England. His name’s Boris Johnson who rumour has it is vying to be the next Prime Minister. Very often we get what we deserve but the English don’t like extremists of any creed be it political or religious. Many intellectuals believe and have documented that the English are “conservative with a small c “. It’s probably true, unfortunately.

Do More – Say Less


Well a  very hopeful and brave New Year to all my followers and random readers and a special warm welcome to my 300th follower of this blog. Although  I don’t like the term ‘follower’ very much. Jesus had followers and I ain’t no Jesus.

I’ve not been on here for a while. Before Christmas my Laptop Hard Disk crashed. Fortunately, friend, neighbour and computer geek helped me get up and running in a relatively painless manner and saved me some cash in the process. A new hard disk in the same laptop against a brand new laptop at a fraction of the cost. What was disconcerting about the event was that it  brought home to me just how dependent  on having a computer and being attached to the World Wide Web I’ve become. From having to pay bills on line to just being in touch with friends and a multitude of other things.  It’s a dependency I can’t say I’m happy with oh no.

I’ve resisted the urge to do a Review of 2016. I haven’t got that much to say about it that probably hasn’t been said already. Like a lot of people I know, for me personally,  it was a pretty bum year and I’m glad to see the back of it. My father in law passed away at the end of September after an 18 month illness. Much of 2016 was spent helping the family to look after him.That’s him in the above photo which I took back in 2009 for my project on Englishness. He died of what we categorize here in the UK as an “Industrial Disease”. Actually it was Mesothelioma, commonly known as Asbestosis. As a Pattern Maker for the local Iron Foundry he’d worked with asbestos back in the late 70’s early 80’s. Doing a job he loved to provide for his family but a job which eventually would kill him. I’m glad I made the effort to make this image of him and his wife in their back garden, one foot on the path and one foot on the English soil.

On the subject of English soil I didn’t vote for this country to leave Europe. I didn’t believe it was in the nation’s best interests, economically or socially. Certainly not for the majority of us anyway and I’ve not seen anything yet to change my mind. Now the deed has been done and we’re waiting for a soft, hard or semi erect Brexit I hope, very much hope that it will all turn out alright in the end and I’m wrong in my opinion. I suspect we’ll not know for about  30 years by which time I’ll either be gone or too old to give a shit. One of the men to blame will be Nigel Farage and he’ll be long gone too. When Trump won the election Farage went over to congratulate him and have his photo taken with him. Like Trump, Farage is one of those people who abuses anyone who doesn’t agree with him; a political bully.

Meanwhile over in the USA !

What is there to say about Donald Trump that hasn’t already been said ? There’s a part of me that thinks he’ll not actually achieve much, if anything at all. He’ll be the most ineffectual American President in history. He strikes me as a dodgy business man who’ll say anything to anyone in order to sell something. I’d be interested to hear and see him perform in front of an all black American audience in one of the Southern States and compare that to an all Hispanic audience. Might be alright as a business man running your own Companies but quite different as President of the good ole US of A surrounded by lots of intelligent bureaucrats who have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves to delay policies that don’t fit. Here in the UK we have the Civil Service for all that malarkey. You’ve got to laugh at the Democrats though haven’t you. I mean if they didn’t write dodgy emails in the first place then the Russians wouldn’t have found them to leak. Give someone enough rope and eventually they’ll hang themselves which is kinda what I hope will happen to Trump.

So in 2017 I’m very much hoping to curtail my dependency on computers and not worry about all those things like world politics that I can do absolutely nothing about. My New Year’s resolution ? Do More – Say Less.

A brave and hopeful New Year to you all.


Looking for Clues


Apparently there’s craze sweeping America at the moment, which I suppose it was inevitable has found its way over here. That of ‘creepy clown’, people dressing up as clowns and frightening the shit out of people young and old. Apart from anything else it’s giving genuine clowns in the clown industry a bad name. People who’ve spent their lives perfecting the art of being a clown for genuine clown reasons are now being undermined by others who think all they’ve got to do is go to a fancy dress shop, buy a clowns outfit and run around their local park, shopping mall, school playground erm being a clown frightening the bejesus out of people with a clown aversion.

I asked a work colleague of mine the other day who this Kim Kardashian was ? I keep hearing her name mentioned. Is she married to that creepy clown Donald Trump ?  Apparently she’s a reality TV star with a large bottom which may be due to surgical or cosmetic enhancement. One supposes if that’s the case it was to make her more attractive to the opposite sex my colleague suggested. “What” I said “like a Baboon ?”.

I’m beginning to think I’m living in some kind of parallel universe. Either that or the world is going slowly mad. We’re beginning to eat ourselves, metaphorically that is. That there’s something in the water or the food we eat that’s making us lose a sense of what reality should be. I mean why would you walk around wearing a t-shirt with ‘Not Dead Yet’ written across it ?

I often think that much of my photography is about trying to make sense of this crazy world we’re living in. It’s not about making pretty images of wild daffodils on hillsides  or the ‘decisive moment’. That as a practising street photographer I’m like a detective at the scene of the crime, looking for clues. Bits of information which will somehow become the sum of a much bigger part


Caravan Diaries continued….. Six Degrees of Separation Theory

Caravan Diaries 22 August 2016 contd ……..

I see no ships ? ………


The night before we came out in our caravan we were at the Sister in Laws to celebrate our niece’s A level results. There’s something dodgy about her English Literature mark, or rather everyone else’s in the class. They’ve all been given the same blanket mark of a ‘D’. How is it possible that all the class have got the same mark ? I smell a bureaucratic rat ?
My niece’s boyfriend is at the party too and his parents have been invited along. Chesterfield can be a bit of a village at times and as soon as I walk in I think I recognise boyfriend’s father.Turns out we went to the same school together and although he is older than me I was in the same class as his sister Jane. A feisty character she was but I got on quite well with her. As the night wears on we reminisce about some of the teachers we were taught by. Some of the teachers were quite vicious, quite violent, overseen by the Headmaster Squadron Leader Norman Crookes DFC. There was Mr Buckley who’d been a boxer. One time I witnessed him thump five boys around the history class. There was ‘Rat Wells’, you didn’t wanna mess with him. Mr Windle ( whose wife and father successfully won Bruce Forsyth’s Generation Game ) called his means of corporal punishment ‘Abigail’ apparently; ” you boy it’s time to meet Abigail’. Headmaster Squadron Leader Norman Crookes DFC liberally dispensed the cane. He saw it as a means of some much-needed trans-formative power, boys into men kind of thing. One of my mates got the cane and I remember him showing me the two red stripes across the top of his backside. Having shot down a number of enemy bombers in the Second World War I suppose Norman he felt entitled.
Perhaps William Rhodes Secondary School’s main claim to fame though was being the school attended by Paul Burrell ( a few years older than me ) the Butler to HRH Diana Spencer. Her who provided Prince Charles with an Heir and a spare only to lose her life in a nasty car accident in a Paris underpass while on a night out with Dodi Fayed the son of the bloke who owned Harrods. Burrell wrote about his time at William Rhodes and Norman Crookes DFC in his memorable critically acclaimed auto biography called ? ………..erm I forget !!  Not long before this seismic event in our history, Diana and Dodi visited ( as reported by the gutter press ) a medium Rita Rogers who lived  the other side of Chesterfield directly across  the road from my father in law. When the press got wind of this Rita Rogers medium story they were knocking on my father in law’s door wanting to know what he’d seen ?  He’d seen the Harrods helicopter and that was about it. I love these haphazard connections !!
Six degrees of separation is the theory that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world, so that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps.

Today I don’t think we’ll be doing much at all. We don’t need to go anywhere and we don’t need to be anything.

The wife not needing to go anywhere or be anything….