The more you spend the more you save


Blurred and Lazy

I’ve finally got my Instagram account and feed sorted out. Not before splitting the screen on my phone which cost me a £30 replacement. The Lord giveth the Lord taketh away ?  Anyway I’d love you to join me on Instagram where over the coming months I hope to be adding some of my favourite images, old and new. I’ll also be checking out lots of other photographers and maybe adding links to their works on here. I’ll do it so you don’t have to.

I’ve just noticed ( shame on me ) that this image his left hand is blurred and I actually don’t care. I prefer it, it adds to the mystery. I’m  not one of these folk who thinks it’s all got to be technically perfect, it didn’t worry Robert Frank so it don’t bother me.

This next one I’m still considering as well. At the moment I really like it ? What do ya think ?

In these shoes ? I don’t think so !

A routine Endoscopy this week and I was tickled by the question afterwards on the Survey Form;  How likely are you to recommend our Department to your friends and family ? ………… What ?? I found the process quite interesting actually. I got to see a part of my body that would otherwise be impossible.  Photography’s come a long way since Fox-Talbot and Daguerre !

These shoes were on the corner of the street when I ventured into town. Notice the laces were tied. They were still there when I came back to the car an hour later and as I photographed them a bloke passing remarked it looked like a murder scene. Well yes.

Chesterfield Topography – An English Journey

In the autumn of 1933 J.B. Priestley in his ‘English Journey’ passed through Chesterfield. This is what he wrote
‘ The fancy that we might be rushing on into some strange mad England, inspired by the sight of those staring people, returned to me a little later when we reached Chesterfield’
……… ‘The people who live in its shadow [Crooked Spire] ought to be folks out of the common. They ought to be careering about like elvish burghers and peasants in old Breughel’s enchanting pictures. They ought to be humourists. Every time the morning papers arrive in Chesterfield roars of laughter ought to ascend to that black barley-sugar stick of a spire. For a moment I thought there was an air of cheerful madness about the whole place, welcomed it, and said to myself that England ought to be filled with such fantastic pieces of architecture, to match its fantastic characters and books.’
….. ‘with that mad spire to live under, Chesterfield ought never to be allowed to enter industry; it should never have passed dividened, never come within sight of double entry book-keeping; but ought to have been kept as a Derbyshire stronghold of cheerful English eccentricity’ – J.B. Priestley – English Journey – Penguin Books

Fetch Everyone

Today’s good news is that Donald Trump is not coming to London amid fears of mass protests. The gobshite has shit it ! Neshed it. Chicken ! Yella ! Not only is he a gobshite but he’s a coward as well. In a  way I’m a bit disappointed. It’s a long time since we had a really good demonstration. Not since the Poll Tax Riots in fact. A Donald Trump visit would fetch everyone out; the Communists, the Anarchists, the Gays, the Lesbians, the Blacks, the disabled, the Punks, fetch everyone ! Frankly I don’t think the Authorities could handle it. The whole route from Heathrow to the centre of London would be lined and the cost to the police would be astronomical. In fact I reckon our Prime Minister has been on the phone to the big orange twat, “Hello is that Donald Trump ? Do you mind awfully if you don’t come to London after all ? To be honest Donald I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment what with the NHS in crisis an all “. 

I found myself watching a programme on TV this week. Like ya do when you’re waiting for your tea.  It was the actress Miriam Margolyes ( she’s found herself a nice little job hasn’t she ) travelling around the American South visiting places. One old bloke she talked to told her how God had spoke to him the other day and God had said “Trump he’s ma man”. I nearly choked on my own teeth ! If anyone tells you that they believe God is on their side then do a runner. I’ve been to New York four times and Washington once and I loved them. Even so I can’t really say I’ve seen America can I, but what struck me about America was its contradictions. I mean I was in the hotel room and on the TV was the film Leon by Luc Besson. In the film there’s a tacit implication that the girl Mathilda is having an affair, even though she’s twelve, with Leon the hit man. Now what was interesting was that bit in the film had been erased out  for the American audience which actually made it more implicit not less but hey”. So that’s ok but a block from the hotel there’s a video store and at the back of the shop you could buy porn videos of people shitting on each other. I don’t get it ?

Why anyone wants to paint the word “cock” on a brick wall is beyond me but you find these things on a walk.