E is for Empathy


E is for England – The notion of national identity interests me. Is national identity real or is it constructed by the Establishment in order to bind us together. If it is real then how is it defined and what does it mean to different sections of society ? Much of my photography is concerned with these questions of national identity.

E is for Endurance – What can’t be cured, must be endured !

E is for Empathy – My PGCE Tutor was giving me a tutorial and she said,    ” It says here that you have empathy ?  I said ” yes ” and she said ” well how do I know you have empathy ” and I said ” because I say so “. The notion of me having to write that I have ’empathy’ in an education essay was, quite frankly ridiculous in the first place but in order to get the grading I had to bend over backwards and walk the bloody plank of Educational theory and essay writing bollocks. I found at least two of the tutors on my PGCE Course patronizing to say the least. The fact is I think I’ve known myself long enough and I’m old enough to know that most of the time I have and am capable of exhibiting empathy to my most living things. Furthermore I don’t feel I have anything to prove on my empathy giving qualities. Short of me taking my erstwhile PGCE tutor out for a walk such that I might be able to demonstrate my ability to show empathy by escorting an old lady across the street or something, I couldn’t really see what else I could other than write succinctly in my essay ” I have empathy”

E  is for Epiphany

E is for Education – There comes a point when you have to take responsibility for your own education. Education can set you free.

E is for Enlightenment – Through education comes enlightenment.

E is for Enigma / Enigmatic – How I would love to be enigmatic but I fear I am an open book.


C is for Cat


C is for cat.  – C is always for cat. So I’m sat in the vets yesterday and this young woman escorted by her mother walks in carrying a cat in a basket . The young woman was huge ! I mean enormous! Sits next to me and spent the entire time looking at more cats on her mobile. She wanted another cat. Her mother told her she didn’t look after the one she’d got. “Here’s one in Goole” she said. ” I’m not going all the way to Goole to get you a cat” replied her mother.Then she looks around the room at all the assembled dogs and declared to her mother she wanted a dog. She’d always wanted a dog she said. Her mother sighed. Ten minutes later someone walks in with a goat and yes you guessed, she wanted a goat. She’d always wanted a goat she said. Is it me ?

C is for camera – This is after all, primarily a photography blog. Photography is not about what camera you have, it’s about how you use the camera you’ve got. The most expensive camera in the world won’t take the best images. It’s not the camera it’s what you do with it.

C is for Capitalism – Capitalism doesn’t work. The essential ingredient of Capitalism is that we are continually invited to part with our money to buy things that we don’t need and won’t use. Everything must be run at a profit and if it doesn’t it will cease to exist. In order to keep the wheels of  Capitalism going  round those of us who can work must work. As such there becomes in our Society, winners and losers. Capitalism and those who support Capitalism are not interested in losers, the elderly and infirm unless of course money can be extracted from them.

C is for Communism – Communism doesn’t work. Communism is all very well and nice on paper but it does not take into account the human being’s weakness for greed and fecklessness.

C is for Curriculum – Curriculum’s are usually set by Governments. A curriculum determines what people will learn and how they will learn it. Governments usually set a curriculum such that it’s people will be able to work effectively and efficiently to produce the wealth for the country it governs. In the curriculum therefore will be what that Government will want you to learn and know and also not in the curriculum will be what that Government does not want you to know.

C is for Culture – C is for Culture.

C is for Creativity – Everyone has the ability to be creative.

B is for Bulb


B is for Bulb – Possibly the most creative button / setting  on the camera, the Bulb setting !  The shutter remains open as long as you have your finger on it. Particularly good for night photography !

B is for Baseball -I think If I was American baseball would be my sport of choice ( although I’m not a fan of cricket ). Hitting a round ball with a round bat ( and thus a very limited area between bat and ball ) looks bloody difficult to me. I sometimes think life and indeed photography is a bit like baseball.

B is for Biscuit. – The English like biscuits. We munch our way through mountains of them every week. We all have our favourite biscuit. A nice biscuit with a cup of tea !

B is for Bucket – You can never have enough buckets !

B is for Bible –

A is for Art – A new series A to Z


A is for Aperture.

The hole in the light sealed box we call a camera which along with the shutter controls the exposure. The Aperture and the Shutter controls the amount of light which enters the camera to make the exposure. Understand the aperture and the shutter and you’ve just about cracked this thing we call photography.

A is for Aperture Photography magazine

You’ll be hard pressed to find a photography magazine, blog, website or whatever that doesn’t use some photography term as it’s title; depth of field, bulb, exposure etc etc but this magazine remains one of the original and thus the best.

A is for Art.

I like art me ! I like all kinds of art. I like that people feel the compulsion to create,  to make art and have done since a very long time ago. I like that people enjoy looking at art and gain pleasure from it. I like the power of art to create, excite and inform and engage people. Some art I like more than other art but I like that people make art rather than make war. I like that everyone has the ability to create things for no other reason than because they can. The measure of a civilised society must surely be how it encourages, promotes and responds to its art? A civilised society should not be scared of art created that is subversive. It’s nothing to be scared of !

A is for Abstract

Abstract Expressionist / Expressionism. It’s art ! Get over it ! You don’t necessarily need to understand it before you like it or not. If you don’t understand it then don’t dismiss it as rubbish before you’ve at least made the effort. If you think that you could have done it or your five year old then a) why didn’t you do it and b) your five year old could most possibly have not done it so don’t make daft comments like that in front of it and show yourself up.

A is for Art ……….Garfunkel who with Paul Simon sang some very lovely songs but alas on his own was not quite so good.