About Leave No Mess !

Photography is easy, photography is difficult. My images do not seek to ridicule or treat anyone with derision or contempt . On the contrary. My images are not necessarily concerned with the individuals contained within them but in treating them as metaphors for society as a whole. That is the society that I see with my own eyes. In that sense my images are as much about me and how I feel about the world around me as they are about the subject matter, the streets where much of life is played out.  Much of my work is about the ordinary, the mundane, those scenes that we tend to take for granted or pass by without a second glance.

Take pictures, make images, be creative. There are no rules. Do what pleases you, say something, have an opinion, challenge the status quo. If other people like your work, great ! If they don’t then so what ? Don’t give a damn. Make work first and foremost for yourself.  Read ! Don’t just read books about photography. Read the classics, the great novels of our time. Read those books which inform you us about what it is to be human. Write your own stuff too.


5 thoughts on “About Leave No Mess !

  1. I agree with your sentiment completely. I see a lot of ‘street’ images and wonder about where street photography is going. I also appreciate your endevour to treat your subjects with respect. When I first saw a few of your images, I wasn’t sure about them, but as your progress with this project increases, the portfolio is starting to come together, and more importantly perhaps, when I see a new image, I’m starting to anticipate that it’s one of yours – which must be the mark of a photographer with style. I can’t think of a higher plaudit I can give.


  2. I wasn’t sure at first, Though I am following along with interest. I guess you can not define street photography as one particular style or another. As you say Andy if people like your work great if not does it really matter.
    I like that you say “challenge the status quo” for this reason I am engaged and look forward to following.


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