Cheeses of Nazareth

Misteltoe and Wine and more Wine and Sprouts ! Plenty of Sprouts ! followed by Baileys and Mince Pies

It’s that time of year again when we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and Saviour … Hallelujah … Amen. If I lived in Israel I’d open up a cheese shop and call it Cheeses of Nazareth ! History boffins reckon that our present indulgence of Christmas, all that feasting, drinking and over doing it was started by that great Victorian writer Charles Dickens. Well he had a lot to do with it apparently. Prince Albert German husband of Queen Victoria who was mad as a box of frogs introduced the Christmas Tree and there you have it. Bring on the Morecombe and Wise 1972 Christmas Special and lets all see if we can fart the National Anthem together ?

After 2000 years and we’ve still not sorted the world out I reckon Jesus has probably given up on us all and him and God have probably gone off playing golf or something. How else can we explain Donald Trump and Brexit ?

Health Check

You’ll be pleased to know my midlife health check revealed I’m “practically perfect” the words of the nurse not mine own. I had my cholesterol level, body mass index, pulse and blood pressure checked and I’m all tickety boo, good for another year at least.

Big Issue

I promised my Big Issue Seller friend I’d buy a copy of The Big Issue off him before Christmas and so I did. For the price of £3.00 I got a Big Issue and him to pose for a nice Christmas photo next to this Christmas market stall outside Wilko’s. It’s not a bad issue either with a nice little interview with Jody Comer who dazzled us with her acting brilliance as a pyscopathic hit woman in Killing Eve this year. If you’ve not seen it then do make sure you check it out and be ready for Series 2 next year.