Riders on the Stormy !


It’ll be interesting to see how Trump wangles his way out of this one. I’m betting he’ll manage it somehow by brandishing everyone a liar except himself. Stormy Daniels feels vindicated and no doubt richer but how she managed, despite being   a porn star, to allow him and his sweaty arse to squirm all over her is beyond belief. Makes me nauseous just trying not to think about it. Like my dad used to say “I’d rather sleep wi her with her clothes on than thee wi nowt on”.

Here in the UK if Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-Semitic, my cock’s a kipper ? He might be critical of Israel and it’s policies, especially towards the Palestinians but that ain’t the same as being anti-Semitic. No scrap of evidence has yet been produced to support the claims by these rich Tory backers who are frightened shitless of Corbyn getting into No 10.  That’s the trouble with fake news ? It’s fake and ultimately those who perpetuate it shoot themselves in the foot because everybody will believe nothing, which can’t be right. The Anarchists must be rubbing their hands with glee.

I’m thinking of discontinuing my Website. I can save my self £40 a year and instead devoting myself to this Blog and my Instagram feed which is gathering followers slowly but surely. The website’s rate of return is negligible and I’m beginning to find it unwieldy. For instance it’s not easy to size up portrait images despite it supposedly being easy and the explanation of how to do it is not easy to understand. The support is ok but could be better.

I’ve just been into town and a meeting with two other young creatives about starting up a local lo-fi zine. If it gets off the ground it should be interesting. Watch this space for more info.


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