New inspiration

I’m enjoying a new approach to my photography. Just plucking up the courage to approach people and start talking. There’s a big loneliness problem been identified in this country at the moment, isolation, depression and mental illness. People generally like it when someone takes an interest in them and what they’re doing. I usually just start by catching their eye, nodding at them and saying “hello”, “y’alright” or “heyup”. If they respond the same it’s usually a good indication that they can talk. A person with a dog is more often than not only too happy to talk about their dog. I could talk about my dog for hours. This gentleman wasn’t sure what the cross breed of his dog was, possibly Staffie-Bulldog cross ? It was bloody strong but extremely gentle and interested ! When I asked if I could make an image it posed beautifully as you can see.

I’ve been inspired recently by the work of two photographers I’m following on Instagram. I owe a debt of gratitude to these two particularly for giving me fresh inspiration in my work.  Check them out.

Carl Anthony Bull who goes by the name of lords_of_the_earth is documenting the nearby city of Derby. He’s meeting, talking to  and photographing all kinds of interesting characters.

Andrew Johnston – andrewj.98 is similarly documenting his home city of Belfast. A place I’ve not yet been to but this work really gives you a feel for the nitty gritty and characters of this place. A city which has had more than it’s fair share of sectarian troubles in the past and no doubt sill feels the scars.