Early evening in Derby. This young man asked me if I could spare some change. I said “no sorry” I couldn’t but I was lying. I had some change in my pocket. I walked around the corner and felt guilty so I went back and gave him twenty pence. He thanked me. “What are you doing out here?” I asked him. He was homeless, “why are you in a wheelchair?” I questioned further. He is a diabetic and has bad legs. They get ulcerated and sore. Unless he could get twenty quid for a bed and breakfast he would be sleeping out this night. I’m not sure if I believed him but I wasn’t prepared not too if you know what I mean. He was to have the benefit of the doubt.  I asked him if I could take some images and he kindly agreed. I took a couple of him in his street surroundings while he shouted the words “cheesy penis”. Shouting the words “cheesy penis” he said always made him giggle and he obviously wanted me to capture him smiling. We chatted briefly and I asked him If I could do a portrait, “what just for 20p?” he replied. I told him I don’t pay people to take their pictures as a rule. I gave him a bit more change, wished him well and took his portrait.  His name was Chris.