Hungry Bhudda

Trip to Sheffield yesterday. I needed to get out. It’s been a difficult last few weeks. There were a couple of things I wanted to check out and this was a good opportunity. and take in some street work at the same time. I parked where I always park just off Bramall Lane, the home of Sheffield United FC, my team, and walked up through the centre of Sheffield. First stop was the Hungry Bhudda in the new Castle Market; traditional Nepalese food like you’ve never tasted before. Unfortunately I wasn’t hungry, my guts have been in crisis just lately but it did look good.

I’m trying to alter my street shooting approach. I’m wanting to engage with and attempt a more portraiture mode of operating. Approaching subjects, having a conversation albeit briefly and making an image. It doesn’t do to stand still in your photography practise. There’s only so many ‘men standing looking bored outside shops’ images you can take ? I’m enjoying the results so far.

Second port of call was the gloriously named clothing outlet Clobbercalm down at Kelham Island. A wonderful retail space you could just stand in for a while and take in. Great looking denim orientated clothing at prices beyond my purse but I sure would love a pair of Redwing Boots.