Hometown Glory

As regular readers of this Blog will know I spend a lot of time documenting my home town. It has a Crooked Church Spire so occasionally we get tourists visiting the town to see this wonder of church architecture and craftsmanship gone wrong. The bloke ( man ) in the above image took umbrage to me having just taken this picture. He was taking a photograph of his wife with the Crooked Spire in the background. From his accent he sounded American but I won’t hold that against him. First he asked me why I had taken the image and then asked me to delete it. When I refused he told me he’d report me to the police. I replied something like “yeah ok would you like me  to escort you to the police station to discuss the matter further?” suffices to say he didn’t take me up on the offer. What vexed me at the time was this man thought he could railroad me into doing as he bid. Who the hell this American tourist thought he was and where he was trying to order me about in my hometown was intensely irritating.
So ! make sure you know your rights as a photographer in the place you are operating and don’t let anyone bully you into doing something you don’t have to. Wherever possible stand your ground making sure of course it’s safe to do so.


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