My dog’s Twitter Followers is climbing daily now standing at 278 Followers while I’m languishing at a paltry 58. Some dude keeps following me and then unfollowing me which is most disconcerting. The fact remains my dog is far more interesting and uncontroversial than me. This Election we’ve been having here in the UK has seen me hardly off Twitter and Facebook. It’s been compulsive viewing.

Through Twitter I’ve been able to connect with photography a lot more. There’s a lot going on out there and quite a few Blogs and Websites have come to my attention I was not previously aware of. One such is Street Hunters which came to my attention simply by posting an article of Spyros ( that’s the bloke whose site it is ) Ultimate List of Street Photography Collectives. Check out the Site  at There’s the usual helpful advice of Street Photography Tips including Ten Reasons to Quit Street Photography which might be useful if you want to take up something else instead like cake baking or welding. In the meantime here’s some work I did years ago on transparency. If you want to know what transparency film is, ask your Dad.


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