Approach Carefully

A photography mate of mine whose sadly no longer with us once said to me, “ya know what Andy, I’m confident that you put me in any given place or situation I can come out with a good set of images”. He wasn’t bragging or boasting, it was merely fact. I knew him and I knew his work and I knew that’s what he could do. Photography you see was his living. That’s what he had to do and often he stood or fell by the quality of his last work.

It’s something I try to emulate. You see one of the tests of any accomplished photographer must be to put them in any situation and for them to produce a set of good images. Sometimes though I’m not sure I achieve that aim. However I do think that one of the first questions you must ask yourself is ‘how am I going to approach this subject?’

It always helps to have a plan either written down or in your head. As they say ‘Fail to prepare, Prepare to fail’.

It might be worth doing a little brainstorming activity.

Questions to ask:

  1. What’s going on here ?
  2. What’s the story, the back story ?
  3. Whose involved ?
  4. Who are the main players ?
  5. What equipment am I going to use ?
  6. Colour or black and white ?
  7. How long am I going to spend on this


Photography based graffiti – Chesterfield