The Pride of Bridlington – Searching for Truth

The Pride of Bridlington was indeed a fine fish and chip shop but as for finding the ‘truth’ next door. I don’t think so ! The ‘truth’ is as slippery as an eel. One man’s truth is another man’s lies. The Hamas truth is not the same as the Israeli truth. The Irish Catholic truth is nothing like the Irish Protestant truth. The US Democrat truth is not the same as the Republican truth. Anyone who tells you they have the truth is telling you a lie and is a fool. Searching for truths in life should be a never ending process in the full knowledge that like the gold at the end of the rainbow it will never be found. Looking for truth should be one of life’s journey’s. A path  to enlightenment and self fulfilment.
Photography believe it or not is an act of searching for truth. Don’t stop the journey and never think for one minute you have arrived at your destination.