Paranoid Purchaser

Manaus – Brasil captured on an OM1-N with Kodachrome sometime in the early 90’s when photography was relatively simple but not that cheap.

Well ! I’ve finally gone and done it after months of cogitation. I’ve gone and traded my Nikon D300 for a Fuji X -Pro 2 with XF 35mm F2 R WR lens and free half case. How excited am I on a scale of being excited 1 to 10, 10 being very excited and 1 not at all ?

Actually I don’t find buying something new and expensive that pleasurable. Firstly during the months of thinking about it I have to justify the cost and the desire to firstly myself and secondly the wife. Eventually I get to the point ( and the wife gets sick of hearing me ) that I just think sod it and get the thing. Once I’ve made the decision I then fret for a further period on whether It’s the right choice of camera for me and then once I’ve got it I fret again on whether I’ve made the right choice before concluding that I’ve done it now so should just  ‘jolly well get on with it’. This is exacerbated by the anxiety that, and this is a deep within my psyche thing probably from childhood, that if anything can go wrong with my purchase it will and I’ll have to hotfoot it back to the shop to get a refund or a replacement because of all the thousands of cameras sold I just happen to have been given the factory duff one where the operative went for their lunch and missed loading some vital bit of software onto my camera. Only last night I convinced myself that the menu I could not retrieve on my Fuji X-Pro 2 was a fault only to discover once I’d had my tea and settled down that I’d set the lock on the camera ( as my dear wife predicted).

It helps of course if you can negotiate the manual which despite me teaching photography I still don’t find it easy. There’s terms in there that I’ve either forgotten or didn’t understand in the first place not to mention all the different settings you can personalise. Fortunately the manual, unlike the D300, is not of Bible thickness and it comes both as hard copy and CD copy so at least I can read it in bed before drifting off into dreams of winning the Deutsche Borse photography prize for my contribution to photography in 2025 only to be disturbed into  nightmare by the inevitable Firmware Upgrade that buying a digital camera these days entails.  Now If I can just find the Global Warming and World Peace button I’ll be bloody laughing. i’m comforted by the advice my good friend and left wing political activist currently travelling around Europe photographer Martin Shakeshaft once gave me and that was to treat it just like I did with my Olympus OM-1n when cameras were in retrospect so bleedin simple.

Right that’s it I’m off to chop a few trees down !