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My dog’s Twitter followers continues to rise while mine has stuck doggedly at nineteen. Not that I’m counting. I’m having fun on Twitter. I’m amusing myself. What have I learnt this week of any significance ? Well Sir Patrick Stewart that wonderful actor  has adopted a Pit Bull Terrier called Ginger from the ASPCA, Grayson Perry is making two pots about Brexit, one for the Remain group and one for the Leave group and Ricky Gervais is going down an absolute storm on his stand up tour of the world. Apparently one of the characters Grayson Perry is basing\using for his Leave pot is a bloke from Chesterfield, where I’m writing from you now, stood in his back garden waving a hammer about. Why is it there’s always a twat from Chesterfield ?

Highlight of the week is I’m following ( on Twitter not stalking him physically )  a bloke in Sheffield whose posting diary entries from when he was a lot younger back in the 80’s  and a real hard line lefty. His account is @SRSYDiaries so you can follow him too. One entry has him going to the Independent Bookshop and buying a copy of ‘Lenin for Beginners’ has tickled me all week.

I went to Sheffield yesterday for a rare on my own trip out. It was a toss up between the steel city or Manchester and as Sheffield is closer and therefore cheaper to get to this fine city won. The sun was shining and spring was in the air. I had a lovely day. Young people in shops  actually spoke to me and I still can’t work out why. Was it my fashionable beard that I’ve been growing the past few weeks ? Was it that I’d made an effort to smarten myself up in my moleskin jeans, Rab down insulated jacket and Rohan beanie hat or was it that I had my little Panasonic camera slung around my neck ? Or was it all of these things. I like to think at my age I’ve still got a certain style, a little bit of hip and little bit of trend. Although entering the skateboarding shop on Division Street was maybe stretching it a bit far, the two young geezers looked at me like I was about to buy something for the grandchild. I had better response in the Vintage Clothing shop even though I could remember the clothes on the rack the first time they came around, the Sergio Tachini tracksuit tops, the Burberry jackets the Levi jeans. Nevertheless the young lady behind the counter was not only very attractive but friendly, chatty and interested. Don’t worry ! I know there’s nothing looks more pathetic than a fifty something man trying ( and even thinking ) that he can flirt with a good looking young lady. As the wife would say’ “you’re old enough to be her Grandad”.


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