Frozen in time is of the essence


I was born of woman. I am of my time. I had a beginning and I will have an end. I will join the millions of people in dust who have gone before me.  How do I know I am here without those around me to validate my existence. To say this is you. You are here right now. You are of this time. Solipsism is the philosophy which believes that the only thing I can be sure of is that I exist, or something like that. If I were to have my body frozen cryogenic-ally at death or just before to be ‘reborn’ in the future then what will that future look like ? What state will my body be in ?  How will I live ? How will I survive ? Who will validate my existence ? What will I remember and who will be interested in the life that I once had if I do remember ? What will shape my existence and my opinions ? Who will I love and who will love me ? What will I be without those that I love and care for around me? Who will say hello to me ?

I am of my time !