Walking away in silence


Somewhere in my postcard collection I have a photograph similar to this one. A couple are sat at a table in a cafe but only the face of the female we can see. She is smiling and it’s clear that the man with his back to us, the viewer, is amusing. His company is being enjoyed.  It’s a photo that’s intrigued me for many years. I want to know what the man looks like. I can only imagine.
This image I’ve had for a while now. I’ve felt guilty for taking it. I feel like I’ve intruded on a personal moment. There’s intimacy and shared knowledge between these two. The young lady looks anguished, concerned, sad? There cannot be a human being who does not identify with this look, this emotion. Perhaps  that is why I snatched the image. Something about this touched my inner self. I saw myself in both him and her. I took the photo, there on Westminster Bridge, and as I look more closely I see two people across the road who look like man and woman walking away from each other. Don’t walk away in silence. Touch the void between you. Feel it, sense it. I took the image and walked away quickly perhaps with past sadness’ beginning to rise up in my soul from where I had buried them. It’s not you, it’s me !