I blame complex algorithms !

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Apparently it’s World Photo Day today, Friday 19th August. Someone somewhere in an office no doubt sat at a computer has decreed today of all days is ‘ World Photo Day’. As such, this being supposedly a photography blog I feel compelled to write something. Naturally a photo blog needs a photo to kick it off and I found this image I took about two years ago while out in town erm doing some street photography. I’ve chosen this image because shortly after it was taken I got followed around town by some extremely abusive kids hell bent on causing trouble, accusing me of being a peado while simultaneously throwing all sorts of things at me including a baseball and a biscuit. A few weeks later the ring leader, his mate and I came to blows when they tried to give me grief again outside the bank. The ring leader had me in a ‘bear hug’ but soon let go when I took hold of his balls through his dirty piss stained track suit bottoms. That was the last time he saw me because he’s too thick to recognise me without my hat on.

So today it seems appropriate, and it would appear that a defining image has been chosen by our scummy press of the conflict in Syria, A photo of a young boy sitting in an ambulance, dirty, bloodied and in shock having just been pulled out of a bombed building ………. a symbol we are told of Aleppo’s suffering ! Every conflict it would seem needs a defining image; World War 1, World War 2, Vietnam, Gulf War 1 and 2 and on and on  they all have a defining image and on and on. As if we somehow need defining images to remind us that the press exist ? The press here in the UK are a set of scumbags. They only tell us what they want us to know. They treat us like idiots but then there’s an argument which says we get the press we deserve.

So this being World Photo Day here’s my favourite Edward Weston image.

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Actually I’m all in favour of these World Days. I think every day should be a World Day of one thing or another. Like ‘World Don’t Throw Crap in the Sea Day’, ‘World Say Something Nice to Someone Day’, ‘World Let Them Eat Cake Day’, ‘World Elect New Leaders Day’ ? I’m open to more suggestions ?

Here’s a nice photo of a car wrapped up in tarpaulin ! Well it looks like a car to me ?


Book of the Week : Bicycle Diaries – David Byrne

Track of the Week : Gimme shelter – Rolling Stones


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