There’s sheep and there’s shepherds !


I’m not getting much time to devote to this blog at the moment. Some of you might be pleased to hear that. If it’s ramblings about photography you’re missing then I’m sure you’ll find musings on the subject elsewhere, if only it’s on the latest equipment out there. Not my scene but hey, photography is a broad church I suppose.

While this country is presently in political turmoil, it’s a right dog’s dinner ! I’m busy with other things which I’d love to report on, since it involves photography, but I’ve signed a form which forbids me from doing so and I’m not prepared to lose my job on this occasion. Yes I’m a ‘job’s worth’ if ya like. Sufficeth  to say it involves a a world renowned fashion house, a stately home and an Oscar winning actress. It’s all out there on the web web web but even so my colleagues and I have been requested to keep it hush hush.
So in the meantime here’s an image I’ve just been looking at from my ‘Muker’ collection. This Swaledale Ram is being prepared to be shown. A good Ram fetches a lot of money.