Say Hello Wave Goodbye


Well my European friends I’d just like you to know that I voted to ‘Remain’ in the European Union but alas the majority of my fellow countrymen and women did not. What happens now ? How this will unravel is anybody’s guess but from where I’m standing it’s not looking good. To add insult to injury on the day of the result the UK had a visit from Donald Trump. Well we were told it was him but it could have been a body double. Saddam Hussein had a number of body doubles apparently. I sincerely hope my fears and reservations about leaving the Union will be proved wrong and one day I’ll be able to hold my hand up and admit I was wrong. The saving grace for me is that most of my friends whom I admire and whose intelligence I trust all feel the same way as I do.
In the meantime I always seem to be able to find a suitable image from my archive.