Oxford St London. The weak winter sun was going down. I was across the road and was attracted by this gentleman’s red hair standing out against the grey. We got talking and being roughly the same age had a wonderful conversation sharing cultural anecdotes of favourite bands who’d we’d seen and enjoyed. I explained to him what I was doing and how I tried to approach my subject matter. My brief friend was collecting for the homeless charity Shelter, a wonderful and worthwhile charity. Beginner street photographers tend to find the homeless an easy target.
I took a few shots but can’t say I’m really satisfied. There’s a Joel Meyorowitz quality to them but I’m not out to copy the work of Meyorowitz as much as I like his work. This image intrigues me though for the young lady approaching on the right looking directly at me the camera. I’m beginning to amass a body of work with subjects in the frame directly engaging with me the viewer. I like that !