Never miss an opportunity


I’m somewhat incapacitated at the moment and in some considerable pain. Ibuprofens and paracetamol seem to be working but I may have to resort to Diazapam to get the muscle out of spasm. I’m not after your sympathy here and while I’m prostrate on the sofa I’m thinking of some lovely bit of writing for my blog. I’m also reading a wonderful book about the Art World which confirms some of my deepest held suspicions.
Anyway just as soon as I can sit upright for any length of time I’ll get back to reporting on my new self published book on Blurb and other stuff I care to mull over. In the meantime here’s an image of a seagull I captured on a blue sky day when I was able to lean back sufficiently without feeling intense agony. That’s life eh ! Street photography in the true sense of the word it probably isn’t but hey It’s photography and I was standing in the street and it never hurts ( well it does actually ) to look up from time to time.
Take care my friends and never miss an opportunity to show kindness. That’s my thought for the day.


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