Joyful and Optimistic


I did one of those Facebook questionnaire things yesterday. You had to look at a series of images and state which bit of the image attracted you or you noticed first. I think Roland Barthes would call it the punctum ? It came out that I’m joyful and optimistic. Hallelujah !
North Korea saw in the New Year by letting off a hydrogen bomb pissing off most of the world and the Saudis executed 47 people for various offences, one of whom was an Iranian Shia cleric and thus pissing off the Iranians. North Korea !  proof that we have, at some point in our history been visited by aliens ?
When it comes to  public humiliation, executions and ritualistic slaughter we English taught the world much. We had a Queen who was so keen on the idea she was nicknamed bloody Mary and it wasn’t for inventing a tomato based cocktail. No she didn’t much like Protestants so burning at the stake was her idea of a good afternoon. However  if you weren’t of sufficient nobility  there was always the  hung drawn and quartered method especially for those who’d committed a treasonable offence like saying the Queen was a bastard or something.  Executioners were sufficiently adept at keeping their customers alive after being dangled in a noose by the neck before taking them down and slitting them from groin to chest, spilling their guts onto a hot griddle, then ripping their hearts out. If the customer was still alive after this little meat preparation then I reckon they deserved to be spared but oh no they were then cut into four pieces and sent to the four corners of England to be displayed to the populace and slavering dogs as a warning to anyone else thinking of calling the Queen names. Their heads were put on spike and left for the birds to peck at, crows and red kites I shouldn’t wonder, maybe the odd blue tit ?  All this was a very long time ago though and we English have much more sophisticated ways of killing off troublesome people. We let the press do it. The Saudis have only been out the desert about fifty years so they need a bit of time to learn how to control the populace without resorting to blood letting and legalised murder.

So Happy New Year to all my followers. Be nice to yourselves and others. Like my Mum says if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all.