They’re taking us for idiots !


I’ve been thinking recently of starting a new blog or website ( a blog may be cheaper ) and calling it something like ‘They’re taking us for idiots’ ?

I seem to have gotten myself in a battle with Tesco’s who most definitely seem to be taking me ….for an idiot, and I’m not having it.

To cut a short story long Tesco have discontinued the olives on their ‘Create your Own Pizza’ counter. Slightly aggrieved for a while I was able to get round this because the very nice assistant who makes my ‘Create your own Pizza’ allowed me to grab some olives from the deli counter and she would apply to my pizza. That was until the day when a different assistant told me that I couldn’t do this any more and babbled on about olives skewing both the calorific value and allergy advice on the labels. This being the reason why olives had been discontinued.  “Bollocks” I thought to myself and requested to see the floor manager who pretty much told me the same thing but this time a little more patronizing. During the course of this conversation I told him that at my age ( 53 ) I’m not prepared for anyone to dictate to me about both the calorific value and /or whether my self selected ingredients on my ‘Create your own Pizza’ will give me an allergic reaction. I think  by now I pretty much know what will or won’t give me an anaphalactic shock and send me off into fluffy bunny land.
After about twenty minutes I managed to get olives on my pizza and I’ve got olives on my pizza from that day to this. Frankly I wasn’t prepared to leave the store with olive-less pizzas. I’ve become a bit like a dog with a bone on this issue. When I got home I decided to hit them where it hurts, on Facebook ! but of course Tesco being Tesco have got it tied down so that any derogatory comments are ( and here’s a contentious word ) ‘censored’.
Let’s tell it straight. This has nothing to do with allergy advice and calorific values. Tesco’s are currently experiencing a big slump in their profits. This is due to a number of factors, one of which is the competition from the likes of Aldi and Lidl and other supermarket chains and the other is quite simply they’re  ‘shit’. The discontinuation of olives is just one of their attempts to cut costs, save money and make it look like they’re regaining some lost ground in their profit margins to their bemused  shareholders.

Some of my friends on Facebook think my epic struggle is highly amusing. “let it go” one of them advised, ” go to Sainsburys” said another.

Here is a transcript of my Facebook conversation with this retailing giant.

Hello Zachary Re the message below Hi Andy, Thanks for getting in touch. I can totally understand your frustrations and concerns regarding this. Can you please private message me your name, address, postcode, email address and which store it was? Can you also private message me a description of my colleague? I’d like to get this logged and fed back to the store. Thanks, Zachary – Customer Care
I’ll try again !
 My email address is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  The store was Chesterfield. Sorry but I’m not prepared to give you a description of the store members because I’m not in the game of blame culture. In my opinion the two members of staff were acting on behalf of the Co and therefore it is a store / Company problem. I do not wish to get any member of the store into trouble. What I can say is that obviously I was not happy with the particular Manager’s response nor was I happy with the service of the person taking my order who was very reluctant to create me the kind of pizza that I’ve been used to in the past. Nor did she give me service with a smile. I actually felt guilty for asking if I could have some olives on my pizza from the deli counter. I felt as though the lack of topping and olives was down to a Tesco cost cutting exercise which in my opinion is and will be counter productive. Thanks Andy G

26 OCTOBER 08:37

Hi Andy Thanks again for taking the time to provide this information, sorry for the delayed response this is due to the significant volume of contact we’ve received. Sorry to be a pain, please could you Message your full name as well? This is to confirm Data Protection. Kind regards, Terri – Customer Care
26 OCTOBER 22:49
Hi Andy, Thank you for confirming your full name, what I have done is emailed over your comments to the Store Management Team so this can be reviewed. I have also logged your complaint on my internal systems under xxxxxx. This will also be fed back to our Store Management Team for their reference. Kind regards, Kai – Customer Care

27 OCTOBER 09:39

Thanks !
I did go to Sainsburys to check out their diy pizzas so you were in danger of losing yet another customer !

27 OCTOBER 11:38

Hi AndyI am sorry to hear about your experience and thank you for letting us know.I hope we can be your pizza buddy again smile emoticon

Kind regards
Gemma – Customer Care

27 OCTOBER 18:40

Dear Gemma Well you can if you get the lass who served me to make them right by putting on enough topping. My wife had to add more cheese at home to stop the rest of the topping burning in the oven. I got the feeling that the lass behind the counter didn’t like me for some reason. Well she didn’t smile or be polite with me. I got the feeling that my presence was a distinct inconvenience to her and as such she took her feelings out on the construction of my pizza. Now I don’t mind the possibility that for some reason she took a dislike to me but what I do mind is that she allowed that to cloud her judgement and serve me poorly. It’s immature and frankly discriminatory. Tesco clearly need to train some of their staff do you not agree ? Thanks Andy G ps. someone called Zachary has already dealt with this and given me a reference number.

27 OCTOBER 21:24

Hi Andy, Thanks for your reply. I completely understand your frustration regarding this matter. Please rest assured my colleague Kai has passed this onto the Store Management, of our Chesterfield Extra store to investigate further. Kind regards, Dan – Customer Care

THURS 11 December 16:27

Once again ( for about the third time ) I find myself having to negotiate to get olives on my Create Your Own Pizza. Despite being given a reference number for my earlier complaint you clearly have done nothing about it. Once again the staff were jabbering on about olives being discontinued due to food allergies etc etc. During the course of the conversation I find out that you actually pay somebody to go around making sure how much of the ingredients are placed on these pizzas because God forbid that you should not make enough profit on them. Is there any wonder that Tesco’s profits are down ? Can you please pass on to me the email address of the Chairman because quite obviously he needs some serious consultancy work doing ? Going in to your store has become very unpleasant and a little traumatic knowing that every fortnight I am likely to have to enter into some protracted fraught conversation just to get some olives on my Pizza. Once again can I inform you that Pizzas are of Italian origin and the Italians invariably have olives on their pizzas.
Hey Andy, I’m really sorry our store service has been sub optimal. I know how frustrating this is for you. I’d like to contact the store and discuss this further with them. For data protection reasons, I’ll need to reconfirm the information please? Can you please private message me your name, address, and email address? Can I also ask which store this happened in, as well as the time and date please? Finally, can I ask for a full description of my colleague? Thank you so much for your cooperation and feedback, Ben – Customer Care Yours extremely irritated once again Andy Greaves
Ben – As you can probably see from my previous correspondence this is not the first time. This again happened in the Chesterfield Store. My email address is xxxxxxxxxxx and my address is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I’m not prepared to give you a description of the member of staff because I believe this is not a staff issue but a management issue and a Tesco policy issue. As you lot failed to do anything about it last time I have little faith you will do anything about it this time ?


I’m still waiting for my reply and interested to know what you’re going to do about it and how you might recompense me for my distress ?
Chat conversation end