Taking us for idiots


No ! not Spiderman !

Donald Trump ! Here’s another one taking us for idiots. If he wasn’t extremely rich he’d be the equivalent of the man who stands on the street corner drinking from a can of cheap lager and shouting at pigeons. Every time he opens his fat bloated ugly mouth something ridiculous comes out of it. If he wasn’t extremely rich nobody would be listening to him. The unfortunate thing is that he is rich and has somehow managed to get the attention of thousands of other stupid Americans and no doubt several thousand stupid sympathisers here in the UK and elsewhere in the world. Stupidity is universal.  This week he’s suggested that no more Muslims be allowed in the US until they can work out what the hell is going on ! I assume this is following the California shootings last week in which 14 people were murdered by a couple claiming to be acting on behalf of Islamic State. Might be worth making the ownership of guns illegal in the US as well until they can work out what the hell is going on ? Locking down the NRA might also be a good idea but will Donald Duck announce that ?  He’s taking us for idiots !
As part of his campaign he wheeled out two black sisters on to his podium who apparently support him and all he stands for. Just to prove to the American population that you don’t have to be white, male, racist and stupid. You can be black, female, racist and stupid as well.