Oh for a Leica !


I get talking to all sorts of people. The other day I got talking to a man who had in his hands a digital Leica camera. I tend to think, mistakenly sometimes, that anyone whose carrying a Leica must surely know a bit about photography. Sufficient knowledge in the subject to covet one in the first place and be able to use one effectively. Why else spend that kind of money ? I asked him who his favourite photographer was, “well he said ” after a moments pause, ” I suppose one must say Henri Cartier-Bresson mustn’t one but I also favour Ansel Adams ?”.  He carried on, “you know I once saw a documentary on Ansel Adams and do you know what he attributed his success to ? – that he discarded at least 97% of his photographs ! – what about you ? ” he asked.
” Well ” I said ” I have many favourites but right now I can think of Robert Frank for one ?”
“Really, what kind of photographer was he, was he a war photographer?”.


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