E is for Empathy


E is for England – The notion of national identity interests me. Is national identity real or is it constructed by the Establishment in order to bind us together. If it is real then how is it defined and what does it mean to different sections of society ? Much of my photography is concerned with these questions of national identity.

E is for Endurance – What can’t be cured, must be endured !

E is for Empathy – My PGCE Tutor was giving me a tutorial and she said,    ” It says here that you have empathy ?  I said ” yes ” and she said ” well how do I know you have empathy ” and I said ” because I say so “. The notion of me having to write that I have ’empathy’ in an education essay was, quite frankly ridiculous in the first place but in order to get the grading I had to bend over backwards and walk the bloody plank of Educational theory and essay writing bollocks. I found at least two of the tutors on my PGCE Course patronizing to say the least. The fact is I think I’ve known myself long enough and I’m old enough to know that most of the time I have and am capable of exhibiting empathy to my most living things. Furthermore I don’t feel I have anything to prove on my empathy giving qualities. Short of me taking my erstwhile PGCE tutor out for a walk such that I might be able to demonstrate my ability to show empathy by escorting an old lady across the street or something, I couldn’t really see what else I could other than write succinctly in my essay ” I have empathy”

E  is for Epiphany

E is for Education – There comes a point when you have to take responsibility for your own education. Education can set you free.

E is for Enlightenment – Through education comes enlightenment.

E is for Enigma / Enigmatic – How I would love to be enigmatic but I fear I am an open book.