A gentleman


It was the face of the clown on the magazine cover that attracted me to the potential image here. The magazine the gentleman was selling is the Big Issue, a magazine that is sold and distributed by the homeless for them to earn money for themselves and thus regain whatever dignity and self worth they may have lost in their difficult circumstances. I was struck by this man’s handsome and dignified face. I didn’t ask him if I could take the image, I seldom do, but he stood still for me and after I’d taken the image I dropped my camera from my eyes, smiled at him and said thank you. He smiled back and that for me was sufficient dialogue between us. I kind of felt that somehow by taking his photograph I had registered his presence on the street, in the world and for that he was a little grateful. I hadn’t ignored him ! and that was important to him and now I think about it, to me.  He didn’t insist I buy the magazine in exchange either and now I wished I had done.