A is for Art – A new series A to Z


A is for Aperture.

The hole in the light sealed box we call a camera which along with the shutter controls the exposure. The Aperture and the Shutter controls the amount of light which enters the camera to make the exposure. Understand the aperture and the shutter and you’ve just about cracked this thing we call photography.

A is for Aperture Photography magazine

You’ll be hard pressed to find a photography magazine, blog, website or whatever that doesn’t use some photography term as it’s title; depth of field, bulb, exposure etc etc but this magazine remains one of the original and thus the best.

A is for Art.

I like art me ! I like all kinds of art. I like that people feel the compulsion to create,  to make art and have done since a very long time ago. I like that people enjoy looking at art and gain pleasure from it. I like the power of art to create, excite and inform and engage people. Some art I like more than other art but I like that people make art rather than make war. I like that everyone has the ability to create things for no other reason than because they can. The measure of a civilised society must surely be how it encourages, promotes and responds to its art? A civilised society should not be scared of art created that is subversive. It’s nothing to be scared of !

A is for Abstract

Abstract Expressionist / Expressionism. It’s art ! Get over it ! You don’t necessarily need to understand it before you like it or not. If you don’t understand it then don’t dismiss it as rubbish before you’ve at least made the effort. If you think that you could have done it or your five year old then a) why didn’t you do it and b) your five year old could most possibly have not done it so don’t make daft comments like that in front of it and show yourself up.

A is for Art ……….Garfunkel who with Paul Simon sang some very lovely songs but alas on his own was not quite so good.