Access required


My mate, a photographer used to say to me “photographers like us [that was him and me] we crave ‘access’. If we get access, we can do work and create images”. It’s a sentiment I find myself repeating whenever I find myself explaining what I try and do, what I want from my photography. My mate though was much better at gaining  access to situations than me. He had the skill to explain to people what he was trying to achieve and what he wanted. He also had the back catalogue of his images which he could show. I have the images but I’m not so good at the negotiation. It’s similar to the age old conundrum; can’t get a job without the experience, can’t get the experience without the job. Many situations the person you’re trying to explain too doesn’t necessarily see what’s photographic in what they do. They can’t see where the pictures and  the story is. One of the skills of the photographer is to see the photographic potential in a situation and thus to come out of that situation with a set of worthy  images that tell that story but first they must get the access.