My aim is true !

lady in turquoise coat-1

My aim is not to mock. My aim is not to ridicule. Quite the contrary, my aim is to empathize. I’m interested in how my people live, from one day to the next. From one week to the next, day by day, week by week, year by year. People whose lives have probably followed a similar trajectory to my own, with my social and historical background. Whose families have a shared history., in my town, in my country. I want my images to ask questions. How do these people live ? What are their hopes and fears ? What are their dreams ? Is life a struggle ? These are the questions we should be continually asking if we are to make society better ?

I’m not necessarily interested in the decisive moment in the way that Cartier-Bresson was or worrying too much about the composition of an image, although there’s no denying that these things assist the dynamics of the image and make it work more often than not. Sometimes though they work too well and the image lacks spontaneity and we end up discussing the skill of the photographer and not the message of the actual image. I like this image and in particular the way the walking stick is on the grate cover. The grate cover to me is a full stop !