Let’s assume that the man grappling with the wheelchair is the son of the woman in it. There’s certainly a closeness in the relationship, a family tie perhaps but we don’t know for sure. The elderly lady in the chair is holding on tightly keeping perfectly still, staring forwards ignoring the quizzical looks of the four much younger women on the left who make no effort to offer help.  In the background between woman and son is an ice cream van and to the far left a man eats an ice cream.  The elderly lady is stoical and proud. The son is clearly struggling through the mud. This was not in the script. This is not how he envisaged it should be.  One of the four younger women has seen me the photographer. Her look suggests she’s wondering why I’m taking the photograph ? I don’t mind, in fact I welcome when I the photographer is acknowledged in the scene. Their look suggests ( to me ) they think the scene they’re witnessing is both comical and bizarre.

This photograph to me represents the struggle of old age. The ice cream van represents times past before old age took its toll and life became a struggle. The mud is that struggle manifest. The four women are  looking unwittingly into their future.