The perfect sea


My quest to capture the perfect seascape continues. This comes close I think. I take my influence from LS Lowry who painted the below. I was bowled over when I first saw this painting many years ago hung in a gallery; ‘ There’s nothing there’ I thought, but of course there was. More there than I could have possibly imagined in those youthful days of mine.


Courtesy of the Lowry gallery, Manchester

In 1954 the Manchester Guardian wrote ‘Not a pebble on the beach, nor a cloud in the sky. But a storm breaks over Seascape.’ Purchased by Salford Museum & Art Gallery for 54 guineas, the picture had a hostile reception from some councillors and members of the public for its apparent lack of subject matter. Lowry, drawn into the controversy, declared ‘I never expected the picture to be very popular. It took me 18 months to paint and I think it is one of the best things I’ve done.’