Everything louder


The wife likes this shot so that’s a good start. I seem to be drawn to this scene, someone looking out to sea, especially a man, being one of those myself ( well I try ! )  I’m drawn to the sea constantly. I’m not so bothered about being on or in it, more by the side of it. There’s something about looking out to sea that placates my soul. Simultaneously both looking out at the past and into the future. Of course in this shot it’s the blue shirt that does it, the blue jeans and the black shoes. It’s on this particular beach that beachcombers search for jet, a semi precious black rock made popular by Queen Victoria who spent too much of her life mourning the death of her beloved husband Albert and thus made black a popular colour. When found jet can be fashioned into pendants and other fancy little ornaments. A good piece fetches a good price.  My quest for the perfect seascape continues as does my quest for the perfect piece of writing.

Is looking out to sea a male pastime or do I just notice men looking out to sea more ? Do I identify with them more, looking out to sea ? Are we thinking the same things ? Are we saying goodbye to something or are we waiting for something ? Waiting for Godot ?

Meanwhile further along the beach another man was looking out to sea. It was the Motorhead T-shirt that I noticed first.