Born Free


So what have we learnt this week ? Well there’s still people in this world who think it’s big and clever to shoot lions, despite them being called Cecil. Is Cecil an African name ?  Perhaps not but neither is Clarence that well known cross eyed lion in popular children’s TV series ‘Daktari’. How they established the lion was cross eyed in the first place is still a mystery to me but he was a lovely friendly lion despite his vision problem, and he never ate nobody, not even anyone called Walter.  You’d think a dentist from Minnesota, even though he’s called Walter, would be intelligent enough to consider the practice of shooting big game a little bit outdated but like a Scottish pal said to me once “an idiot with a degree is still an idiot”. How true. Apparently he shot Cecil from some considerable distance with a cross bow and when it was safely dead had his photo taken with it  and his fat white friend which he then posted on Facebook to impress his friends, ” look I’ve just shot a lion with a cross bow from some considerable distance”. That’s one dentist I won’t be visiting in the event I get a tooth abscess in Minnesota, the bastard ! Hopefully he’ll eventually get dragged back to Zimbabwe to face charges and some time in the slammer as a lesson to other dentists in Minnesota who’ve got thirty two thousand dollars to spend on killing a lion for no apparent reason other than to improve their masculinity profile.  I’d like to bet jails in Zimbabwe aren’t as comfortable with air conditioning and satellite TV  as those in the good ol’ U.S of A. According to the latest reports lion slaying Walter Palmer insists he’s done nothing wrong but so did one or two mass murderers.  At least if he does sweaty time in Zimbabwe he’ll be able to sort out some of the other inmates nagging teeth problems. It’s the least he could offer ! I hear Zimbabwean jails have Walt Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ on continuous loop in every cell, so that will help in the absence of anaesthetic. Poor Cecil but at least he’s not got the hear that infernal Born Free song anymore !

Staying on the subject of dead animals there’s a dead badger up on Newbold Rd. I’ve texted my mate to let him know. He goes up and collects them and gives them a dignified burial. Well that’s what he tells me but I did notice an extremely large cooking pot and some jars of herbs in his kitchen the last time I visited. He’s also got a lot of shaving brushes in his bathroom cabinet. While it’s probably been run over by some blind driver there’s a possibility it’s been baited by not very nice people with nasty dogs and dumped to make it look like a hit and run by a blind driver !

I tried my hand at a  bit of poetry this week but I only got as far as the first two lines, I’ll put it into italics to make it look like a poem;

Stop the world I want to get off 

I’m not feeling to well, I’ve got a hacking cough 

Here’s one street photographer whose not bothered about being inconspicuous.