Kids with guns !


I’m glad we don’t have the idea in this country, here in the UK that we have the right to bear arms, carry guns. It’s not written into our constitution. I’m glad that it’s not a right of passage into adulthood to be bought a gun. I’m glad that you can’t just nip into town and purchase, albeit with a licence a semi automatic. Ya know ? get one from the local supermarket gun counter. That’s not to say that we haven’t had a few gun incidents; Dunblaine, Hungerford to name the most terrible !
Hopefully plastic toy guns is about as far as these kids will get without some serious supervision, a spell in the army or similar strictly controlled environment. I’m not so sure about kids playing with plastic toy guns but I did when I was a kid and it’s not turned me into a serial drive by shooting killer, yet !  but like I keep saying to people admiring the antique ivory carvings at the place I work, ” we think differently about these things these days don’t we “.

So I’ve recently been doing some work at the local village carnival. They kinda asked me to do some shots so I obliged and approached the task it in my own inimitable style, dog in one hand, camera in the other. I got some good shots. I’m not sure they’ll be suitable for next years carnival programme but as it wasn’t a paid piece of work it don’t really matter.

Got to go, time for tea !