My photography tips for what they’re worth


Search the web and sooner or later you’ll find the ‘ My top ten photography tips for taking better pictures’. I often get asked this so here are mine.  The first four really need no explanation.

Take photos that surprise : 

Take photos that delight : 

Take photos that inform : 

Take photos that intrigue: 

Take photos that please you:  Don’t take photos that are trying to please others. It’s nice when people press the like button but ultimately you have to make work for yourself. If others like it then that’s a bonus.

Avoid the obvious: If you’ve seen the image before then best to avoid. Don’t try re-invent the wheel, reproduce what you’ve seen in other photography magazines. It just makes you look dull and uninspired.

Think Differently: 

Keep it simple: More often than not the best images are the simplest.

Say something: Say anything but say something.

Have an opinion : By saying something you’ll express an opinion. See ‘ Take Responsibility for your own education ‘ below.

Think visual literacy : Semiotics is the science of signs. Your images are a series of signs which you are trying to communicate to your viewer. If you feel the need to explain in writing your image to the viewer then you’ve probably failed.

Think metaphor : An image which shows one thing but is about something else ! An image which is about something and not of something.

Take responsibility for your own education : If you’ve been fortunate to live in a country whose establishment believes that the education of it’s people is the key to it’s future prosperity then attempts have already been made to educate you to a certain standard. If you can read this, thank a teacher. However, there comes a point in everyone’s life when they must take responsibility for their  own education. You never stop learning and you never should. I wish I’d realised this before I did, but better late than never. Learn about the world. This will inform your photography whether you realise it or not.

Follow your own instincts: 

Try and develop a unique vision: Be a shepherd not a sheep.




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