Yes it’s a Rembrandt !



Chesterfield May Day Rally 2015

I seem to be spending a lot of time now watching other people with cameras taking pictures. To explain I’ve recently secured a job as a guide in one of the country’s most popular stately homes. There’s a lot to learn, it’s ram packed full of works of art, furniture, ceramics and sundry other very expensive items. Not to mention the family history  of whom this house belongs and wider social context to which this place  and garden is inextricably linked. It represents in a nutshell much of English history over the past eight hundred years.
Recently I’ve been stood in front of a Rembrandt a Tintoretto and a Veronese for a good half hour while simultaneously fielding questions about these and other priceless art works. Questions like ” Is this the original flooring ? “, ” what wood are these window frames made out of ? ” and “where can we get a bite to eat ?”. All good fun in a blazer and tie.

When not answering questions, wishing people a good day and smiling appropriately I observe many many visitors taking many many photos of virtually everything in front of them. From the stuff hanging on the walls to the corridors themselves, the floors, the ceilings and even on occasions the information cards in lieu of buying a guide book  and yes the all important selfie to prove they they were where they said they were to the folks back home. Sometimes It gets a bit bizarre. Only yesterday I observed one young lady ( I won’t yell you what nationality ) filming the whole route on her iphone by hand. Systematically she scanned the corridors and walls with her phone. Bear in mind dear reader  that the whole visitor route is about a quarter of a mile long. Can you imagine the finished result ? It would be like she was going around the house on a roller-coaster or worse on some kind of trippy drug. A couple of minutes of watching that and I’d be ready to throw up. Nightmare !

I have to resist the temptation to step in and give some useful photography advice. Most people take photos from the standing position tilting the camera up or down as appropriate. What I call the lazy way.

I see cameras of all shapes and sizes but cameras are not that important to me. It’s the image I’m interested in.
Alright I’m lying slightly. Right now I’m rather taken with the Nikon D810 and working out how I might be able to raise the cash to get one. It’s full frame DSLR 36 mega pixel and lots of other things and looks really quite nice. I’ve regretted not holding out for a full frame if only because I can never bloody well work out what the lens mm conversion should be on my Nikon D300 and it pisses me off. Other than that I have no real complaints about my D300 but I do feel a little cheated and the D810 keeps waving at me in a sexy manner.  I love my Lumix GF2 as well.