Vote for someone ! anyone !


It’s election time here in the UK and it’s getting a bit frantic. If the latest opinion polls are to be believed it’s going to be a close run thing. A hung parliament ( they ought to be ) with the distinct possibility of some sort of coalition which means the major party with not quite enough votes to form a Government will climb into bed with another party so that they have enough votes to form a majority. We’ve just had one of those scenarios with the Conservative party and the Liberal party. The Liberal party climbed into bed with the Conservatives who had the most votes but not quite enough and between them they formed a Government. Actually it was really a Conservative Government because although the Deputy Prime Minister was a Liberal he and his party did bugger all for the last five years except claim to be the Government with the Conservatives. Anyway I digress. I’m not going to tell you where my political leanings are because that’s not important here. Right now all the parties are making promises they won’t keep, effectively writing cheques that won’t be able to be cashed. Promising this and promising that; free beer, live sex that, sort of thing. The British public don’t trust politicians and why should they.

So what’s this got to do with street photography you might ask ? Well what happens in Government is ultimately played out on the streets and if you don’t have an opinion or anything to say about that then what meaning can you bring to your images if any. Simple really.